Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Basement

Luke cage
Season 2 Episode 6

This episode was pretty good. The fight on the bridge was way better than the fight in Black Panther. Just normal fighting. Well, Power Man was doing normal street fighting while Bushmaster was doing almost capoeira stuff, which I guess they do in Jamaica?

I like that his uncle told him his savagery was not cool & talked about how good Jamaicans build themselves up from scratch.

Misty is figuring out that her arm is super strong, with a 75% pension, which is nuts, she can quit & still support herself. Now she needs to put on some red leather & join Power Man & kick some butt.

Oh lord, so Commanche & Shades are gay & were banging in prison, that explains why Comannache was always getting so close to shades to talk.

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