Friday, August 31, 2018

And He Shall Be a Good Man

Season 4 Episode 13

This show is still great, but they have made Liv into an unlikable idiot these last few episodes. At least her friends realize that a little when they lightly scolded her after Major literally risked his life to save her. Of course he doesn't care that her boyfriend is dead.

Besides, she deserved to be punished for what she did. Filmore Graves was trying to keep the peace with the US government & thanks to her & Blaine's dad, now the US government is full on anti-zombie. No more brains & more guns. I don't see how that black girl can see her brothers starving & not realize that Liv turning more people into zombies is the wrong thing to do.

Converting more people doesn't show that humans & zombies can live together in peace. It just increases the number of hungry mouths & decreases the amount of brains that can be used for food. It's basic supply & demand & the fact that Liv thinks she's right is maddening. 

I knew she would give the brain to bozzio, but I wish Clive had been more emotional about it.

I guess next year will be Seattle vs the usa, thanks to Liv.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Gonna Hurt

Season 3 Episode 3

It's good to see Jesse & Cassidy talk & admit that they are friends. Cassidy should have listened to him. He warned him and he did save his life. So the tombs are just an underground gladiator games. Just more unrealistic insanity.

I like how god said that while Tulip has free will, she's so dumb he was pretty sure she would make all the wrong decisions so his plan would work out. The fact that she talks back to god shows just how stupid she is. It would be great if god showed his power by killing her & replacing her with an accurate white Tulip. Just to show her to have more respect.

And she's pretty dumb. Jesse has been all over town trying to sell spells, everyone knows he's back.

Mind Stealers from Outer Space: Part 2

Wonder Woman
Season 2 Episode 11

Andros asked Wonder Woman to leave Earth with him! For some planet with 9 moons. Big deal, I'm pretty sure we have a planet with 9 moons.

Zambesia at the UN! that was pretty cool. where is Vixen!?

It was so funny watching Wonder Woman basically glitter bombing the Skrill to get the monster to chase them. 

Wonder Woman just jumps everywhere. It's like a side scroller where you just make her jump instead of walking, cause it's faster. She jumped over a car for no reason.

Steve doesn't do much anymore now that he got that promotion. Which is ok, it's not the Steve Trevor show, but it does reduce the chance for any kind of romance. Which is surprising.

I like that the monster hit her in the face. It's too bad she didn't punch it more. She mostly grapples with the bad guys.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Comparative Wickedness of Civilized and Unenlightened Peoples

Archer: Danger Island
Season 9 Episode 7

This show isn't as good as it used to be. This episode wasn't that funny. 

It was the cannibals vs the Nazis. It was just dumb, the way they were able to defeat the men with guns. Just stupid. And the cannibals started worshiping Cheryl instead of Lana. It was like Return of the Jedi with the Ewoks & C3PO but it wasn't funny.

There weren't any jokes at all. Just a lot of lame action. These stupid dream seasons have been mostly garbage. I hope he wakes up out of his coma next season. 

Although, I'm sure they will think of some other contrived way to put goddamn Nazis onto the show. They won't be able to do it for 5 more years.

Mind Stealers from Outer Space: Part 1

Wonder Woman
Season 2 Episode 10

All right! Aliens finally! Plus it's a two-parter.

The Skrill looked really lame but that's ok, it's still better than her doing spy stuff. The beginning with the flying saucer was pretty cool. I do not remember this guy in an earlier season.

Andros blowing up the cars in the junk yard was lame too, but anything is better than a jewel thief or a massage guy.

I can't believe Diana Prince was telling everyone that Aliens are real! I guess she figures that as Wonder Woman, she's going to be fighting them out in the open so it's better that people know the truth.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

One Is the Loneliest Number

The Outpost
Season 1 Episode 1

I thought this show took place in the future but apparently not. I like that we already encountered greyskins & Plaguelings and of course, the black bloods. So far it's interesting. I hope they put some thought into the world building.

Talon seems to be able to channel some demon from another dimension to protect her, a power her mom gave her. There's some war going on & it seems like there is only 1 outpost. 

So far so good, I'm surprised by how violent the destruction of her village was. They showed the dudes swinging their axes at people & getting hit with arrows. At least it wasn't graphic.

I like that Talon got stabbed with both those swords. Sure he was old & she is in her prime, but he's still bigger & has more experience than her. I guess she'll be healed with magic, but it was still great that she got stabbed!

Green Eyes, Steer Clear

Season 3 Episode 1

Stupid Maddie, she should turn herself in for causing the deaths of thousands. They hung up the leader's synth girlfriend, I was expecting him to turn evil now that they killed her. Am I supposed to feel bad for a toaster? Nice try but it's still a toaster. 

I liked seeing the robocop with her synth son going to school. It was pretty funny. I guess it's true that we channel our emotions into our bodies & body movement.

Stupid lesbian dolly almost got them all killed. Is she stupid? Why would she even go there? That lone bomber probably has his own hideout, just like she does or the other synths at that bar. It's too bad her girlfriend didn't die.

OMG do I hate the wife now. Insulting the dad. He's right. He was right all along and like a typical divorced bitch, she's undermining him to the kids.

Monday, August 27, 2018


Season 3 Episode 2

I can't believe Jesse was so dumb to think that Herr Starr would just give him his soul back like that, so stupid. Of course Tulip is even more stupid. Instead of waiting, she ruined everything. I like that they used a clip of her father saying how they can't do anything right. Some people just always make bad decisions & ruin their life & the life of everyone around them.

So now that his grandma has his blood she can do voodoo on him? I could have sworn it was in the shape of a baby's footprint & that he agreed to give her his 1st born.

Ugh, the basement. That vice principal lost his soul apparently and has been in the basement all this time? And he's missing an eye? What? 

Show us more fighting & less shock from Ennis. The consume being revealed as gross animals & roadkill wasn't funny, just gross Ennis. Ennis has more contempt for comic readers than the sjw who are trying to ruin superheroes.

Disposable Heroes

Season 3 Episode 11

So dumb, that was Kinds's signal? To take the entire network down & what are they going to do now? Magically fly into space and fight the aliens? That wasn't even a lot of outliers, unless they were the leaders of a bunch of different cells. If not, this is just a stupid plan.

I get the plan to re-boot the human race after the war is over by creating an ark for the scientists, but I don't know how he plans to keep them safe.

I really like the scene of the Israeli & Chinese outliers in that forest going after that predator. The question is, were they on another planet or do the aliens have one of their enemy on Earth?

Sucks that this show was cancelled, they took too much time revealing the aliens & what they were up to. 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Man Who Made Volcanoes

Wonder Woman
Season 2 Episode 9

I like that we got to see her deflect bullets in this episode, they haven't done that in a while. 

What? All the spies know each other? And the IADC didn't even try to stop the Russians from parachuting into Mexico. I'm surprised that Wonder Woman was ready to work with the Russians & the Chinese. 

That scientist was right though. Nobody was going to listen to him without a threat. Even without that volcano ray, countries didn't work towards peace. He's dumb though to think that holding the entire world hostage with a ray gun would work. It was so easy to disable.

Then the Chinese spies started dating, that was so bizarre. That came out of left field. Why would the IADCc & Diana Prince be friends with them? They were fighting? Some things on this show make no sense.

The Blacksmith of Crelus

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 61

Some people may call this a commercial because it showcased the new variants, Hook Em Flogg, Spinfist Hydron & Too Tall Hoove, but this episode was awesome. The galactic Guardians & the mutants were actually fighting each other using their action figure weapons & features. That's what you want to see when you watch a cartoon about action figures. You don't want them doing things that you can't reproduce with your figures.

The only thing I didn't like is how once again, there's some super strong person who is almost a match for he-man. Before it was Dreadator & now Yolt the blacksmith, who was shocked that He-Man was strong enough to catch his weapon.

It looks like Kayo was going to get a variant action figure & so was Optikk.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

First Light

Cloak & Dagger
Season 1 Episode 1

It looks like they are avoiding the drug use origin from the comics & had them get their powers from a Roxxon oil platform explosion. That's good. 

The music was a little too much for me, but this is on the teen channel, so I just have to get used to it. I really hope Tyrone dates that girl from his school & not Dagger. I don't think they dated in the comics at first. If I remember, he didn't like her that much, but I read that comic 30 years ago so I might be remembering it wrong. 

I don't remember her being able to literally stab people with her light. I remember the light shards having a more psychic effect on people. Plus Cloak had a monster inside the darkness? I like how they keep putting him in sheets & big hoodies. She better be in a damn costume. The Defenders was so frustrating because of that.

I Do, I Do

Wonder Woman
Season 2 Episode 8

I liked that that woman just wanted her husband back and how the show kept the marriage ruse going for a long time until the husband showed up. I started to think that Diana was brainwashed.

Again, no super villain just some weird masseusse who can manipulate nerves to get women to talk. He was a really lame bad guy. 

This show is more of a spy show lately. It's too bad. Wasn't The Hulk on at the same time as this? They could have had her fight more robots or pretend to lift cars like they did in this episode. Watching her bend the tire iron was annoying.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Forced Perspective

Season 1 Episode 15

So some psycho architect was keeping himself alive for 300 years using clones. That was bizarre. Especially because he's just an architect not a geneticist. It was also bizarre that Dylan would let the Great Compass off scot-free after 300 years of ruling that planet like a despot. 

The timeline didn't make much sense. The fall of the systems commonwealth happened after Dylan & Rhade were best friends but the architect made it seem like it happened right after they killed the tyrant who was in charge of the planet. So that was wrong because that was the mission where Dylan met his 1st officer. 

So now we know that Trance can see the future, which is why she shouldn't be using the slipstream drive.

Tyr & Becca getting close was pretty funny. He sure did make a romantic dinner, so despite his claims, he wanted to bang her.

Some Remarks on Cannibalism

Archer: Danger Island
Season 9 Episode 6

This episode was pretty funny. The cannibal stuff with the dumb researcher still respecting them even after they ate his arm was funny. At least he called them a-holes.

I seriously did not understand why Sterling killed the Nazi. He should have let him shoot all those
cannibals. That was just bizarre.

Pam's head on that amazon body looks so weird, they should have made her look more feminine. Although Archer seemed to like her! That was funny too. What was the stupid monkey scene? Who cares. They should shoot all the monkeys. Stoopid monkeys.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Harper 2.0

Season 1 Episode 14

I like that he was able to speak Magog & insulted Rev Bem! That was funny. I was wondering how the hell the Magog achieved interstellar travel with those claws. Maybe it's because of that energy being. That was an interesting development.

It's dumb that Harper would build a working replica of an ancient earth ship. It would have been better if he had built something useful instead.

He even knew how to speak Trance! That means she isn't that much of a mystery because the systems library has her language in their archives.

It's funny that Conan showed up but I don't like how he had all this tech that nobody else has, They weren't even surprised when he used it to phase through the floors.

The Call to The Games

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 60

I liked seeing the mother ship & the Starship Eternia pull out all their lasers & shoot at each other.

Vizar! He was ready to die for Primus & he could see where the lasers were going. Spinwit & Kayo were in the Astrosubs but we didn't see them. Stupid Beemo got plenty of screen time though. Hoove was there & tried to take out the death star with a trench run but there was no damage. Optikk, Butthead, & Staghorn were also there.

It's not just He-Man who doesn't need oxygen, Skeletor was also outside the mother ship shooting magic at Denebria to slow the ship down.

I guess this will be continued next episode, but it would have been nice to have that narrarator who described the Myte city tell us.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Abre Sus Ojos

Season 2 Episode 8

They ramped up the sci-fi in this one with that self repairing spray. I don't think they really explained that very well, but who cares, the solar sail is going to work.

I could tell it was Tanz from the minute he walked in there. but there were a few scenes where it didn't look like Darius.

I like how Grace tortured that girl. This is not a game show! Good line.

I'm glad that Liam realized that taking out the nukes was a priority. Alycia really was going to kill millions in NYC and thought she was right to do so. What a psycho then she cried about her computer code. Liam should have shot her right there. I don't like how Re/Syst just escaped though. but I guess there's another bad guy who paid for Q31

The Princess and The Thief

Wonder Woman
Season 2 Episode 7

Wonder Woman is way too forgiving. That guy was a thief. So what if he stole some fakes, he's still a thief & he tried to steal the crown jewels. I don't know why they are making her so forgiving. It's just really strange to watch. She wasn't so forgiving in previous episodes.

Where are the super villains? That's the problem with Wonder Woman, the writers usually focus on the Roman gods garbage & then Wonder Woman doesn't really have a bunch of villains that people know she fights. Just the Cheetah. It's lame that she doesn't have her own arch-nemesis. Even now, after all this time.

How does Agent Diana not have id, she's like 'here call this number' it's probably Bobby on the other line.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Music of a Distant Drum

Season1 Episode 13

Tyr is the worst Nietzschean ever. He was ready to start banging boy haircut Yvaine, even though he already has a wife that he abandoned. I hope that Nietzschean woman aborted his child so she's not another single mom. But that'll teach her, burn the coal, pay the toll.

So lame that he stole the Drago Museveni mummy. Who is that guy anyway? Did he bring Nietzsche beliefs out into space or was he the founder of some Nietzsche planet? Did he genetically alter people to have those forearm bones? They never said why he was important.

Sea Spray

Season 3 Episode 10

This was a good episode, Will talked to Katie & they seem to be better now. Is Wayne Brady planning an insurgency against the hosts? He can't be that stupid. Even with an army of outliers, they don't stand a chance against all the drones & aliens. Just dumb.

This season & series is almost over. At least they are going somewhere. I'm just surprised that Broussard thinks he can accomplish something. He knows that everyone is a civilian so he should know that a small group of soldiers won't be able to do anything.

Sometimes the characters are so dumb. Bram seems to be the smart one this season.