Saturday, March 31, 2018

Portrait of Doom

She-Ra: Princess of Power
Season 2 Episode 23

I liked that She-Ra was using her sword as a sword & cutting up the Batmeks & even the Annhilator!

Stupid Spritina used magic paint & sent everyone to the Fright Zone. So she's not good at anything, she should be a model or maybe accept that not everyone is exceptional. Some people are meant to be average.

Once again they used Netossa, that was so stupid. This time, they should have used someone with real powers to get trapped.

"Once again we must fight for the freedom of our home!"

I like that Angella & Glimmer were in Brightmoon fighting the horse, but then they said there weren't enough rebels which isn't true, plus they showed some of the Brightmoon guards. And since when can Angella shoot lasers?

I like that they showed Entrapta & madame spazz's boyfriend, just put characters in the background, it's not rocket science.

Operation: Fatal Attraction

Season 1 Episode 9

The Top Gun stuff was funny but lasted too long. The Spuds McKenzie part was good too. They could have done more with the 80s but this episode wasn't that funny.  

It was like an episode of Three's Company. The problem is that Three's Company was funny the 1st time you saw it but after watching the whole series, people narrowly avoiding each other, just isn't funny anymore.

Kronish suddenly being gay was annoying, after we spent a bunch of episodes of him getting herpes from girls & when they prevented it, he got it from other girls. Now he's gay & banging the preacher. It was the 80's, he shouldn't have herpes, he should have AIDS.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Council of Clones

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 27

Spinwit is really cocky. This time he flew his holo-Astrosubs into Slushhead's Shuttlepod & then the Galactic Guardian deception was over. Sagitar warned him not to.
Stupid Master Sebrian, He-Man warned him not to use that computer but really the blame lies with those stupid scientists. Master Sebrian was pretty good with that staff. He was blocking all those attacks by the clone council.

Even though I hate the scientists, it looks like they had the idea to make a clone army of the republic! 

I like that He-Man used his sword like a sword to destroy the clone computer. Caz was actually effective & threw Slushhead into the cloning chamber. I thought it might produce a heroic Slushhead, which would have been really funny.

The Art of the Deal

The Magicians
Season 3 episode 10

This episode was pretty good. Even though I really don't get why Fen & Julia are helping the fairies. They should have explained the deal & how the Fairy queen broke it. Can the queen break any deal? That wasn't clear at all. I'm also surprised how that deal even works. The collar disables magic as long as what? What were the conditions?

I also don't see why Elliot & Margo want to stay in Fillory & be king & queen. It's still a mostly medieval agrarian society, so what is the point.

The expanded cast is working. The dinner murder was pretty scary. Invisible people stabbing everyone. They didn't even need to use magic.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Run, Iris, Run

The Flash
Season 4 Episode 16

This turned out to be a good episode. How did that Melting Point not realize that he was giving away the meta-powers to other people? Obviously he had done it before the fire dude. Melting Point is a really lame name, Vibe, seriously terrible.

I like how Barry was supportive when Iris got his powers & how she realized that even though she says we are Flash, she knows he's the Flash. I totally forgot about her blog. That's great, that's it back.

Ralph was really mean to Iris. Of course she stays in Star Labs, she has no powers. I'm glad she brought up how Savitar was trying to kill her. He was way more ruthless than the Thinker plus she actually saw her death when Vibe saw it.


Agents of SHIELD
Season 5 Episode 13

Even though I hate Gravitonium, I liked the floating ship. and i could see how something like that would not be noticed floating in the sky.

I wish Deke had said something to his grandma. The playing catch thing was funny, too bad they didn't tie it into Guardians of The Galaxy, another missed opportunity by this show.

Hydra was a boy's club? What the hell was General Hale talking about? Not only was the daughter there, but Madame Hydra was a big part. If this show isn't being terrible, it's insulting the audience.

Hypenate their names? There's no way I would put up with that feminist crap. But I'm not nice Guy Fitz who was ok with Simmons getting raw-dogged by an astronaut.

Now I'm annoyed that they mentioned Deathlok. He would improve the show just by being on. The team of villains is really lame so far, Werner von Strucker can remember everything? Who cares. So can the actress from Taxi.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Amazing Grace

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Season 3 Episode 14

The beginning was hysterical when they wanted White Canary to make her comment about the mission. I never even noticed that! And of course she had a good one. The changes were good too, I want to play Trombone Hero!

Isis is being less annoying. It's weird that the death totem would make hers float. It was a strange episode about ghosts & Elvis's twin brother. They are really going full comic book. Didn't citizen Steel mess up the timeline be being Elvis's manager & getting the record done? The ghosts kind of already messed up the timeline, but I'm surprised Nate would mess it up too. The rat funeral was pretty funny & it worked. I would have liked to hear Sweet Child of Mine!

Kid Flash is making them seem pretty powerless! Which is why it bothers Isis so much. I like that she hates it, even though it seems like they might end up being a couple.

The Book of Revelations

Black Lightning
Season 1 Episode 8

What the hell! Gambi was part of some government experiment on the people of Freeland & is still an operative, but he was protecting Black Lightning all this time? What an insane reveal. So was he working with Lady Eve to protect Black Lightning or was she also an ASA agent? and what organization is that? I don't know that one.

I like how he told Anissa that she was wrong to beat up the confederate flag guy. She was wrong for so many reasons. It would have been great if he had kept going & explained that she judged him based on his appearance & hurt him, just like some cops shoot blacks. That really would have brought it home. But they can't carry out the logic too far. I don't think some viewers could handle the show being even handed that way. The casual racism of this show with Jefferson making that Italian comment is still surprising to me.

Nooo, I really don't want Jennifer to have her powers already. Anissa didn't get hers until she was in her 20s, it's dumb that Jennifer got hers in her teens. It's Black Lightning, not the lightning family. They really hate men on this show.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Girth, Wind & Fire

Season 1 Episode 8

Wolf's scar transferred to Tiger? & his penis went to Futureman? That was stupid. They weren't in a transporter. It would have made more sense if they had changed the future, because they already have.

The rest was pretty funny. How that cop accidentally caught them on video confessing to everything. and Josh asking his dad if the cops were hot or not.

Sending Kronish on the boat might work, but that girl might have herpes also. Stupid Josh. Just let them kill baby Kronish. Dumb nice guy.

In a Lonely Place

Altered Carbon
Season 1 Episode 3

This was a good episode, but the married couple that were fighting to the death to get upgraded sleeves, again brings up the question of confirmation/verification that someone is, who they say they are. How do their kids know that the new adult who comes home is actually their parent?

The cop was there to monitor the tissue damage, but that brings up black market sleeves. How is there not criminals kidnapping beautiful or strong bodies to sell to people, the way that they sold eyeballs in Minority Report?

I guess Takeshi can't fight in zero G. Now we know his weakness.

That is disgusting that the daughter would stick herself in her mom's clone to bang the security guard. Those people are sick.

I like all the insanity that is possible, as much as I disliked Dollhouse, this show is doing some interesting things with the idea that Dollhouse explored near the end.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Dead or Alive Or

The Walking Dead
Season 8 Episode 11

This was a pretty good episode. there was a lot of tension & I didn't know what was going to happen.

I forgot that the Hilltop didn't know that Carl died. It was good to see Enid break down when she found out.

Maggie is being so stupid. Just put those saviors to work until they die of starvation. She's a moron. They are going to break out & kill a bunch of people.

I like how Eugene can think on his feet. He isn't completely stupid. Also the way he told that girl to serve him. He needs to exert his authority. Damn, that doctor was an idiot. He was surrounded by dudes with guns. The priest also. He should keep his eyes closed so they can heal.

That swamp was gross. Stupid Tara, now Dwight is back with the saviors. He is going to get caught soon.


The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 26

Flipshot & Spinwit were in this one, but instead of seeing them fly around, they were only piloting the Starship Eternia. That was disappointing. 

I like that we saw Skeletor's Doom Copter. but it was flying around in space & apparently Skeletor doesn't need to breathe oxygen?
I like that Drissi asked why Prince Adam had He-Man's sword. Nobody on failmation ever noticed they both carried the same sword. I also like the face Drissi made when Caz was going to keep her safe. Plus Drissi was able to use her powers on Gir! Take that Beastman!

I didn't like how He-Man lost the ability to change because of that gas that the mutants were pumping out to Primus.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Blood Brothers

Season1 Episode 5

Ariadne gave the Oracle a foot massage & she had her vision again of the eagle holding a snake. So the lexicon is going to end up killing all the gods apparently & now she wants to stop the Mercenary. 

I didn't like how prince Lykos just stumbles on the Mercenary in Athens. but the show is about fate & the gods, so i guess it's ok.

The mercenary really has no idea what's going on, he shoots an Athenian soldier with an arrow then kills another & then expects them to just let him over the wall. Then he thinks the king will just let in someone with a claim to the throne. Queen Madea protected him, but really, all she cares about is the lexicon. Does she really want her husband to use it, or does she plan on using it herself? I guess they didn't care about bastards back then. Degenerates.

I like how the uncles are tricking Lykos into committing treason. It was a good deception, they seemed genuine when they were telling him to do it.

Pandora's Mailbox

Season 1 Episode 7

This was a funnier episode than the last one. That smart house was really funny, especially the puns & how Sigorn-E got tired of saying them. I like how she gave James Cameron notes on the scripts but he ignored her & we got Unobtanium. Although I read that is a commonly used term. 

I like how they vomited because Tiger had to put her rathole on Josh's. Then the house was able to lower her vacuum all the way down, so funny. The Na'vi language stuff was funny too. I see you. And the house did the thumbs up from Terminator 2!

They stole the Cameronium, which means that they are totally ruining the future now & creating a paradox if they steal all of it. 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

The War to End All Wars

Season 2 Episode 1

They did a good job of recapping the 1st season & just when I thought that we would get an episode of them trying to restore her sister, the place blows up!

Then 6 weeks later it looked like we were going to get a season of Lucy working with Rittenhouse, which would have been cool. Like The Fate of The Furious, instead it only lasted 1 episode which sucks. They should have made it last at least two more episode with Wyatt & Rufus getting mad at her, or feeling betrayed, instead she was back with them at the end of the episode.

What's great is that they got Garcia at the end of the episode & just like he told her during season 1, they are going to work together! She better start writing that diary!

I like that we learned about Petit Curies, I didn't know those existed. Damon's mom was insane. She was seriously going to shoot Madame Curie!? She can't be that stupid. I get that they want to be in charge but that would have radically changed history. Who knows how medicine & science would have been altered.

A Blowjob Before Dying

Season 1 Episode 6

This episode was funnier.

It was funny how Tiger talked about Badger interrogating people relentlessly & Butterfly being social. They don't have blowjobs in the future? What kind of nightmarish hellscape is that?

Again with the time travel 101, right after he used Lamar on his Blapple to remind him when Jeri's head was going to explode. I thought someone might get hurt, but her head just exploded & he was fine. It was a good interrogation strategy to get the info out of her, but Jeri has a point. Wolf & Tiger are the terrorists. A perfect human & society sounds really good so he is making a big mistake choosing the murderers over her.

I forgot got that was uncle Bob from the 60s, he remembered. Seriously, his mom was so annoying.

I really hope he's over Tiger.

Friday, March 23, 2018

The Inspector

She-Ra: Princess of Power
Season 2 Episode 22

Inspector Darkney was really lame. He was so dumb. It didn't make sense how Adam could fit into Darkney's little armor. That Spyster guy was also lame.

It was so annoying how they had Netossa in this episode for no reason, just to get captured with Bow. They have so many characters now & they keep using boring ones, or introducing failmation ones like Darkney.

We didn't need He-Man in this episode. Why was he using a dumb force field shield when He-Man has an actual shield that he could have used. What a missed opportunity.

Justice Desserts

Season 1 Episode 5

Gross, Tiger is so skinny, you could see her ribs everywhere. She was seriously anorexic. Her arms looked terrible & so did her legs. Who casted her? That actress is disgusting. 

The cooking stuff with Wolf was pretty funny. 

It was pretty obvious that Jeri was a perf when he was reading her file.  I'm just glad that Futterman isn't into Tiger anymore.

Now they have to find her TTD to go back before Kronish was born.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Planet of Junk

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 25

I like that Artilla pulled his hands in & pulled out some lasers & although Spinwit didn't really use his powers on the asteroid, he did pilot his Astrosub pretty well. Sagitar beat up some people out there. 

It's good that they aren't always using Flipshot & Hydron, although they were in a scene, we also saw Staghorn & Quakke.

The Primans sure do love circuses. Skeletor knew that was a way to get the stupid scientists. He apparently forgot about the tech mutants that we just saw last episode! It would have been better if they had a line where they said the tech mutants couldn't figure out the devices they found on that asteroid. 

Future Man

Future Man
Season 1 Episode 4 

Wait, now he's talking about time travel 101? He left his iphone in the 60s! They should have had him mention that he messed up. Instead they acted like he didn't do that. Plus hardly anything is different in this episode.

The Breaking Bad thing was pretty funny. I thought the bio-fuel was going to be marijuana, that would have been a lot funnier than what the scientist said. That girl at the gamestop was funny.

Wolf on meth was really funny. How gross that Wolf thought he was eating street penis & was all into it. Are they cannibals?