Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Golden Parachute

Season 1 Episode 10

This was a pretty good season finale.

Ben made it to the 49th floor & he saved his friend's life and his daughter. His wife is learning that the red zone requires her to be tough. Although I'm surprised that Helo let her dole out the punishment, it's his block he should be maintaining order.

Everyone keeps talking about how awful Aaron is, as if everyone else is an innocent angel. The brother killed the basketball kid & he kills people in the cage, he hasn't done anything to get Elena & he assaulted his boyfriend. The mom just condemned half the planet to starvation, she never put in for President Palmer's transfer. Chad is also a criminal. Elena is a whore who is part of some resistance.

She has a contract & as we've seen, injuries get cured with that spray really easily without scarring. so what is the big deal?

I can't believe Ben gave away EverClear. I doubt anyone will know that he gave it away because Inazagi is also grain, unless Inazagi forms a subsidiary to sell EverClear to other corporations, Spiga will never know.

Signal Loss

Season 1 Episode 13

The good part of this episode was having the timeline change more than once in the same episode.

Gordo was a lawyer but then she got his father killed & they destroyed the ham radio. Also her fiance was living with her & he got jealous of her talking to her dad all the time!

They gave a mostly happy ending with Julie being alive, even though, thanks to Raimy being a controlling bitch, she got her mother killed in the middle of the episode. Luckily Satch saved the day at the last minute & the mom was alive in another version of the timeline.

That whole thing with Robbie wanting to kill nurses after 20 years was so stupid. They had the stupid son apparently still stalking Raimy & her mom, even though she's a doctor now. I'm so glad it's over considering they ruined the movie.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Burning Platform

Season 1 Episode 9

Man, they all hate Aaron, but they love asking him for help. I'm glad that Jonathan said what I said. Elena freely signed that contract. She made her own choice as a consenting adult. That Aaron is still white knighting for her is crazy.

Oh no,  Jonathan's daughter found some weird tech under the bed, was that the water thing?

How the hell is blowing up Inizagi's research facility not a declaration of war?? That is nuts. Julia's mom is a monster. She just damned the whole planet to starvation. They couldn't send any of his research to Spiga electronically??

Even though I liked the scene with the cage fighter & the religious sister of the fighter he killed, he's still annoying.

I liked how he framed poor Chad, who was eating raw pigeons. That is so gross. but his NDA apparently doesn't work very well.

Knight of Crowns

The Magicians
Season 2 Episode 1

I forgot how brutal the season finale was.

What? King & High King? Just like Narnia?

I'm glad that they apologized for the cheating & addressed it. I don't believe Margo when she says she doesn't remember. I didn't like how they were acting likes it's no big deal. I understand having to focus on more pressing matters, but that was a huge betrayal. Alice on the other hand doesn't have the excuse of the emotion potion. It was good to see them be nice to each other & understanding.

Thank goodness that river guy screwed over Penny. He deserved it.

"You know of Swayze?"

That zombie knight is from the 90s, I can't believe he knew that whole speech. & i knew tim daly was in wings, duh.

That's crazy that he's staying in Fillory. That was a good goodbye scene. I like this idea of "shade" like conscience, or "humanity" or moral center.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Who Are You?

Season 5 Episode 10

It was Black Siren all along. Star Labs has the worst security!! Do they not feed the prisoners? Is that how nobody noticed? So they aren't going to turn her good? Replacing Laurel seems like such a bad idea, especially when Earth-2 Black Siren has actual Black Canary powers.

Who cares about Spartan, he really should have died last season.

OMG, this turned into the Felicity & friends show, again. Who is she to order the guys around "on my authority" then she was at the scene instead of at the base on the computer, or in the van. That was so dumb. Now she's punching people??

Then Andromeda Ascendant showed up!

Raiders of the Lost Art

Legends of Tomorrow
Season 2 Episode 9

That's too bad that Captain Cold isn't a time ghost. He's so important in the comics, they should have kept it open on the show so can come back in the future or something. I think that was a bad idea.

The Star Wars & movie stuff was ok but some of it felt really forced. Darrhk & Merlin in the elevator felt like a scene from Pulp Fiction not a George Lucas movie. Then they were trying to find the spear of destiny in the trash, so turning on the trash compactor made no sense, it could have destroyed the spear.

It was pretty strange that they mentioned Howard the Duck, considering that's a Marvel movie. They should have watched THX 1138 at the end.

So funny how he was lost in the 60s.

It was really stupid that he said he got the name for Legion of Doom from a Hanna Barbera cartoon. That is not how references work.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Memory Found

Teen Wolf
Season 6 Episode 9

I feel like this was a sneaky way to get a clip show in, but it still worked. 

I was hoping for more Mallia/Stiles love, instead of the Lydia/Stiles they seem to be pushing this season out of nowhere. She friendzoned him, I'm over it, Lydia! Besides Stiles is Scott's best friend, they are brothers! They should have focused more on that. This was such a stupid direction. They should have had Lydia try to remember Stiles first, then have Mallia go, then Scott saves the day.

There was still funny stuff with Mallia reading the hypnosis prompts & the Ghost Riders taking the elevator.

Liam shot a Ghost Rider with his own gun! Why didn't I think of that before? They should have disarmed all the Ghost Riders & shot them with their own guns.  If they shot all the Ghost Riders with the guns, would Scott's pack forget about the wild hunt ever happened?

Why are Theo's eyes still yellow?? They should be blue.

Wake Up

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Season 4 Episode 11

Has it really only been 5 days since Agent May was kidnapped?

This was a pretty good episode. They addressed Daisy being a criminal. How Mace kept getting ignored was annoying. Talbot was right, stupid Coulson. Did people really want Coulson back in charge? He got arrested because he's an arrogant idiot. How did they not prepare for that hearing? Gemma was so annoying.

I'm surprised by the lack of Matrix jokes.

That explains why Aida said "not again" when she knocked over the glass like she was annoyed about saying it again. I didn't think that Radcliffe was the LMD. I like how they made it seem like it could have been the other people by making them all act weird.

Yo-yo says she's not like the cliched girl, then she acts exactly like a cliched jealous crazy girl by: assuming he's cheating, not letting him explain & ending the relationship based purely on some drama that exists only in her head.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Borrowing Problems from the Future

The Flash
Season 3 Episode 10

I like how they were able to change something from the future, but can Vibe really do all of those things with his powers now? He's almost too powerful. He can teleport to other earths, to other places on the same earth, he can see other people's memories & now he can see people's future.

I like how Barry told Iris what was happening & they told everyone else. Of course Joe is going to be so mad when he finds out. That future board was like the wall that Sarah Connor wrote on with everything they have to deal with in the next months. It was pretty cool. Gorilla Grodd, Killer Frost, Savitar.

Who was that woman chasing after HR Wells? She wasn't on the board. Where did Plunder get all those weapons??

That was smart to get schools to come to Star Labs, all those people though, means they will have to somehow not have bad guys just show up in their control center.

The Murder of Jesse James

Season 1 Episode 12

The other pilot was an interesting idea. I get why she would hang out in that time period, because she's a vampire, but why would Lily take all those electronics? Was she building something or was it all for entertainment? I'm surprised they left so much time contraband, once they went there & changed time there could have been a butterfly effect.

This show always has some good conversations on what it means to be a man & in this episode Jesse called out Flynn on his "cause" excuse for being a murderer. It's an interesting take on things.

Lucy is now all over history, in photos, newspapers & even a James Bond novel, I wonder if their behavior will lead to someone discovering the team the way that Nate found The Atom.

Jiya is the new pilot. Mason told Rufus what I said. Rittenhouse would just get a new pilot. How is Rufus so naive? He is supposed to be some geek but he seems to think that he can do whatever he wants without consequence. Mason is just saving his stupid life.

"some white dick in a mask might end up the legend instead of you."

Man-child Rufus is also an incredible racist. How is this anti-white racism ok on tv these days? Is it because the ratings aren't that good, because I don't think this will help.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Day of Wrath

Season 2 Episode 4

Finally we got to see Magnus be powerful. I like how he just sent Camille with the jail out of his place.

Simon needs to go have dinner with his mom. What was that? it's not like he's working. Where is he getting his blood from?

Everyone was giving Raj a hard time for no good reason, even Lydia. She followed Victor's orders too. I like how Victor was torturing Raphael & how Jace admitted that Valentine is not wrong. Plus he also admitted that he still wants to bang his sister!

Did they seriously just have Alec murder Clary's mom! He just ripped open Jocelyn's chest. I'm surprised Clary was so understanding that he was possessed. Maybe she was just mad.

Supergirl Lives


Season 2 Episode 9

I guess it's good that Roulette is back. She didn't do much & I was hoping for there to be some mention of Starfire. Maybe she'll make another alien fight club now that she has a Stargate. A four show crossover would be awesome where she has them all mind controlled like that JLU episode!

"I'm not a red shirt"

I liked that they had Winn be anxious & afraid. He almost died because stupid Jimmy wants to play hero. He should have just tracked the criminal.

More evidence that Mon-El was the prince. I was hoping they would get through the episode without her using her super powers, but the yellow sun grenade was a good idea, although the DEO agents probably all have skin cancer now.

I guess I shouldn't complain about the lesbian story, because it means they aren't being openly racist & misandrist anymore.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Science and Magic

Emerald City
Season 1, Episode 4

This episode was better.

Jack is alive but now he's some kind of clockwork cyborg & he apparently is not the Tin Man because that looked like brass. Apparently the masked Princess Langwidere bought him.

I'm glad The Wizard brought that girl out of the prison. But she is advising him to do some bad stuff, The Wizard is definitely a bad man here.

The Dorothy storyline was not interesting though, some witch orphan who magically appeared on the Scarecrow's leg that turns people into statues. Then Dorothy didn't kill the lion guard. How many bullets does she have left?

It was pretty obvious that it was the Witch Madam because girls do not suddenly appear in bathtubs without magic, especially ones that are pushing drug use.

It took 4 episodes for feminist stupidity to rear it's head with the incredibly stupid line "Those are my choices as a girl? Nun or whore?" No stupid. Did you forget you were held hostage by an apothecary? And this episode just showed us a female surgeon. So dumb.

The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch

The Vampire Diaries
Season 8 Episode 9

Sybil doesn't work for Kade anymore so just rip her heart out again. The brothers are getting staked through the heart, just keep ripping her heart out. Build a machine that does it. At least they are using the Salvatore dungeon again. They should have done that with Damon at the beginning of this season.

"This stupid pageant is the day that Damon realized that he could take Elena from me."

Finally some Stefan bitterness. He & Elena are the doppelgangers, cursed to try to find each other. I would love if the last episode was Elena waking up to realize that she was wrong about Damon but found out Stefan is a ripper & left both of them!

Stefan is right, Caroline is just a-ok with him murdering innocent people. He isn't being like Dexter at all. Then she says sure, it's on her. But really she doesn't care. They shouldn't even mention it because it points out how she is just as bad as they are. She didn't even save that Miss Mystic Falls girl. It's a miracle she saved anyone.

They should put a ball-gag in Silene's mouth. All of this so that Damon gets his humanity back. Is he going to be depressed and crying next episode? Why won't Elena go away!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Heads of State

Sleepy HollowS04E03
Season 4 Episode 3
It was ok, they should have spent more time on Banneker & less on Molly.

I did like the American history in this episode & that info about J street. They really should devote more time to that aspect of the show.

The Headless Horseman is back, I'm not sure why. We've seen the Headless Horseman countless times & Ichabod has not only defeated him, but captured him a bunch. He just isn't scary anymore. they tried to make him seem scary in this episode as if this was the 1st season, but it isn't, it's season 4.
The CEO was being a douchebag to that guy seeking investment partners. A 50 year plan? That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of.
It would have been funny if Crane had told the single mom to contact Boothe for more info. The way that Jenny instantly remembered the tube was just stupid. It would have been better if she had searched her records or the "dark web" or whatever.

Oh Captain My Captain

Season 6 Episode 3

This episode was ok, but I didn't really care about the fight or Nick impersonating the captain. The scene with Adalind & Monroe wasn't funny at all.

I guess they aren't going to kill Renard. That is really lame. He better die in the last episode. There are so many things they need to resolve: Diana, the stick, Black Claw, HW, Eve/Juliet, all the other dead Grimms, the royals. and now the cloth symbols & Meisner is somehow alive.

All they did was sort of reset things so that Grimm is a cop again & Renard is the captain. It's like they don't know how to end these stories. I don't want to see any more case of the week episodes.
Plus they all seem to have forgiven Eve really fast considering what she did to all of them.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Somewhere Out There

Season 2 Episode 2

Katie is such a child. Maddie already explained how he helped but somehow that wasn't enough for her & she shows up at General Talbot's job in front of all those witnesses. Is Katie really that dumb to think that he can just get people pardoned?

I'm so glad Maddie told her off. If Katie had not been running around playing terrorist without thinking of the consequences, Bram wouldn't be a criminal. Maybe she should be a mom & not a bartender & terrorist.

I really liked that scene where Will just went in & killed Solomon & his men. He just shot the 1st dude & then everyone else in that warlord's compound. It was so satisfying to see him not be some typical cop who has some sort of stupid dilemma about killing the bad guys.

I'm not a fan of the flashback to where we found evidence on the moon in the 60s, I'm not sure why they bothered with that.


Season 1 Episode 12

This episode seemed like it could be the season finale. Frank & his wife are together in the past & the nightingale killer is in prison & the mom was alive in the present.

But the show did the lame twist & had the deacon confess after he wiped the mementos of his son's fingerprints. It just was super anti-climactic & a lame twist to have his son be the real nightingale killer.

I guess they want adult Raimy to prevent him from killing the mom for "grrl power" nonsense next episode.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Season 1 Episode 12

What is happening!

The Director is actually an AI! That's crazy. They changed the future & now there are people who worship a benevolent Skynet & The Faction are people who are against the AI. That was great. I like how they don't have fancy names, just, the faction.

"Thank you Grace"

She was so funny it's too bad they killed Betty.

I can't believe Dave was so dumb as to call the police. How did he think he was going to explain the dead man in his apartment. That sucks that the dad doesn't have a body camera to prove he didn't just shoot some innocent teen girl. Carly is so annoying.

Oh no, his partner walked in just as Maclaren was going to destroy the quantum computer.
How did the FBI get there so fast?

The Adversary

Season 1 Episode 6

Ok, the underground real world story just got interesting. Elsie found out that the QA lady is a corporate spy! & Bernard found Ford's weirdo family replica.

Maeve is getting herself killed on purpose to mess with Lutz the surgeon . I like how she crashed, like one of those robots from TOS when Spock & Kirk asked those logic questions.

I liked the triple flashlight.

That mesa bar is really dumb. It makes sense for employees but the narrative guy talked to that girl as if she was a guest. That doesn't make sense either.

Again the map is now everywhere.

Teddy is like "you don't know me at all." So now he is suddenly Wyatt's partner & is just after him to save Dolores. It's a good thing the dark cowboy made up that story because Teddy shot all those Union soldiers like it was nothing. It's too bad they don't run into more guests, but like I said, HBO didn't think all this through.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Operational Realignment

Season 1 Episode 8

I liked how Ben used all the weather data to get a 3D image, that was a crazy idea. It is sort of sad that without Aaron, Ben is a better husband & person. I like that his friend was going to not bring back Aaron. Without Aaron, everyone is happier. JustBen is like Tuvix.

Theo almost beat up his boyfriend, who apparently is ok with the new sex slave? The writers should have kept Theo gay instead of suddenly turning him bi so that the descent into drug addiction would have been more shocking. Does that cage fighting have any rules? So far there is drug use & even weapons allowed.

I'm surprised the heart company didn't remotely disable it. Their rep should have shown up with an offer to sell them the reset. Didn't they watch Repo-men?

The Patriot

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

Season 4 Episode10

After a good episode we got this really stupid episode.

For no good reason they retconned the director into not being an Inhuman. As if that wasn't bad enough they turned him into a fraud who isn't even a hero. Then they made jokes about the "always obvious briefcase" we've never seen before, retconning it into the show, but it wasn't clever. This plot twist made no sense, if they wanted to put Coulson back in charge there are plenty of better ways to do this.

Simmons was incredibly annoying. She kept whining instead of taking orders from General Talbot & then didn't even talk to Fitz about Aida. This is supposed to be the MCU, after Age of Ultron she should have talked to him about Asimov blocks instead she acted like a child with her fingers in her ears.

Why on earth would Agent May ever object to interrogating a prisoner? That was also stupid. Then they pulled the Matrix explanation for why May woke up from her spa treatment.

Friday, January 20, 2017


Teen Wolf
Season 6 Episode 8

Sheriff Stalinski stole this episode. Even though I think this "summoning dead relatives" is the stupidest explanation since the Maenad willed herself into being immortal. Seeing the sheriff remember how he lost his wife was really sad.

The way the sheriff was able to recover everything in his room, makes it seem like the Riders do what I originally thought about erasing human memory only.

They are the only people left in town! Does The Wild Hunt just go town to town erasing people?

Nazi werewolf! Were they watching Grimm?! It turns out that Löwenmensch is a real thing.
I'm so annoyed that Scott didn't attack the riders. Liam did & so did Peter but Scott doesn't? He didn't fight the Lowen-wolf or the Hell Hound. He better beat up some Ghost Riders in the train station.

How does Argent only have 1 weapon? He should have multiple weapons, not just a gun. He's basically a deputy.

Parabatai Lost

Season 2 Episode 3

This time it was Magnus who called out the Clary family & this time it was the mom. It was really great. I am really liking how they have been calling out her family for throwing everything into chaos. Usually nobody says anything, but on this show people are getting tired of their family drama. So funny.

I did not like the Parabatai backstory. It wasn't what I imagined. They should have been linked from a very young age, not as teens. I thought they were friends from the beginning, but either those kids were terrible actors or they weren't really friends. Those flashbacks were just terrible & the use of different actors didn't help. That girl didn't even look like Isabel.

So funny, Magnus tried to wake up Alec using True Love's Kiss.

I'm glad beard mentioned that he was allowing a Downworlder in the church. How did Simon forget about his mom? Duh. How does Rafael expect him to look for his sire, is she on VampireBook? Does Simon have a sire-bond like Jace & Alec?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The World's Columbian Exposition

Season 1 Episode 11

This was a good episode with so much history trivia, even if it's not totally accurate, it had Pabst Blue Ribbon, Houdini, Ford & Edison, Cracker Jacks & the Murder Castle! I think they mentioned that on Hellevator.

That was pretty cool that Flynn had someone else try to take care of the other two. Using the multi-murderer was great. Flynn is right though. Lucy made the wrong choice last episode. Would she really not kill baby Hitler? But then she told Wyatt about Holmes knowing Wyatt was going to shoot. She really needs to work on her morals. Is she really a believer in situation ethics?

Garcia's plan to kill individual members of Rittenhouse is dumb, he should go back in time & kill the kid's mom or set the house on fire.

Rufus is so stupid. Rittenhouse can easily teach someone else to pilot the time machine, he's clearly not the only one. He's risking his family's life for these strangers.