Sunday, January 31, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow Part 2

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Damian Darhk!! This show is nuts!

The fight sequences were great, just chaos. At the auction, The Atom showed how he can actually be really powerful, while White Canary is pretty much useless on this team compared to everyone else with their powers & tech. I like that they all failed miserably & Captain Hunter had to clean up their mess. Captain Cold

"I know, I just don't care."

They are totally ruining the timeline, they have already exploded a nuclear device & left tech from the Atom suit lying around (seriously, how are pieces falling off that thing?) and let multiple people know that time travel is real.

The show pulled a Back To The Future with Professor Stein's wedding ring almost disappearing. I think that's the way to go, instead of having all their exploits already be part of the timeline. I hope they thought this through, because if they keep making a mess, the Legion of Super-heroes might show up.

I think Vandal Savage is too powerful, they better figure out a way to have other bad guys, because constantly losing to Vandal Savage is going to get old.

Dead Man's Party


I liked seeing Alec use a bow & arrow & Isabelle with her whip, I liked that the Night Children turn to ash when they die, like in Buffy.
They finally revealed that the Shadowhunters are angels or half-angels which explains why Alec is such a jerk about humans. Maybe they are half-human & that's why he calls people Mundanes. Then they listed a bunch of creatures that are half-angel & half-demon but they didn't really explain how that would result in different types of creatures.

Then they told us that The Mortal Cup can create creatures & the vampires don't want the circle or the shadowhunters to get it,  which is interesting.

Sorry Simon, we got you out of the vampire building but you are not getting out of the friendzone. It seemed like that vampire girl sired him.

Did Jace make that motorcycle fly or do vampires have flying motorcycles? It sounded like he did it. Why are the seraph swords in a cemetary instead of the church? That seemed odd.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Wanheda Part 2

The 100

This episode was a million times better than the last episode, especially because there wasn't a gratuitous sex scene.

What a shocking ending, I did not see that coming. Captain Vane is not a bounty hunter, he's actually Roan, the banished prince of the ice nation! What!! and he delivered The Commander of Death to Lexa!! Lexa is in a sky scraper?! What is going on!?

I like how those sky crew from the farm pretended to be grounders. Their leader was not happy about working with the Treecru. He made it sound pretty bad, when the Ice Nation killed their kids on the 1st day they landed.

Crazy Bellamy, why didn't he tell them of his idea to dress up as Ice Nation? I hope he's not a cripple now.

I hope Jasper can move on now that he's back at Mount Weather, although I can see him freaking out & starting a new war by letting all the tribes know that Sky Crew is there. Maybe by launching a missile.

Crazy Jaha, I have no idea what that is all about. It seems like the City of Light is Mainframe & they encode your brain waves or something, because he was there while he was on the dock & then the dead mutant showed up. How awesome was Murphy.

What is up with people telling Wanheda's mom not to be the leader. How is Lexa going to get Prince Roan un-banished?

The Source of Magic

The Magicians

I liked how they showed the fight as the dean was asking them what happened. I did not realize that Quentin & Alice were responsible for mothhead-man entering their school when they tried to contact Alice's brother.

I liked how Quentin was able to reproduce that traitor girl's spell from memory, despite what the specialist said about him being unremarkable. Plus like she said, he stole that crystal. Of course it was after he got thrown across the quad but still. I hope he gets to give that snitch some stitches.

I liked when Eliot said "Avada Kedavra!" but if their Narnia book is a real Realm, then so might Harry Potter's.

The evil school of evil was ok, I was hoping for a scene out of SAW where Julie would kill that screaming girl for fat. The building was dirty enough.

That drawer full of items didn't make sense. What were all those artifacts doing there? Why would they be in the student center & unguarded? If the Kady traitor wanted that crystal, why didn't she sex it out of that Penny?

The tattoos are a dumb idea for a secret society of magicians.

Friday, January 29, 2016



They are at Kord Industries again. Blue Beetle better show up next season & be like: 'why are you guys always fighting around my trucks?'

I can't believe they killed Amanda Waller! They just shot her in the head like it was nothing. Nobody really cared, but I guess that's what happens when you are a cold heartless person. I wonder who they will replace her with. I doubt they will get rid of Argus.

Green arrow was shooting arrows this episode, even an exploding arrow. Normally I hate when tv characters talk to a hallucination but this one didn't bother me so much. Everyone has a code name now, despite her goth look, Felicity is not death, she's Overwatch.

"Was going to go with Oracle but it's taken"!!

I did not like that the purgatory commander was in the army with Spartan, this isn't Lost. Shouldn't Spartan wear that weird mask that shows his hair? At least his criminal brother isn't so annoying anymore. What happened to Mr. Terrific?

The Sword and the Spirit

Teen Wolf

The pack is back!!

I really really want Theo to get ripped to pieces by Malia, so much. And not even because he shot her, but just because of the way he keeps hitting on her. I would love if it was Stiles somehow.

Now that they are planning on breaking Lydia out of Eichen house, I hope next episode is a heist episode, they haven't done that on this show.

"Who's the old guy?"
So funny, it's a good reminder that they are teens.

"Do you believe in the supernatural?"

I can't believe Colonel Tigh was ready to burn out Hell Hound's eye, like nbd. What frequency does he know?

"If you tap me on the forehead & say 'your mind is your most powerful weapon,' i'm going to scream."

How did they not realize an ouroboros was important? What was in that bottle? Is it to help Deucalion? & did they seriously not show us that fight between him & the Chimera pack! Boo! & boo that Kira is swordless. Was she quoting Kung Fu Panda or Mulan?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Descent Into Hell Is Easy


It seemed like Clary recognized the Warlock from Pandemonium so hopefully she'll tell Jace & he can restore all her memories because those Silent Brothers from Millennium only helped her remember that the bad guy Valentine is her father.

Old Spice is some kind of clawed monster? He totally mauled that girl, and was not discrete about it.

We just met demons & already Night Children have shown up & kidnapped the boy.

I was really annoyed by both Isabelle & Alex calling the friend "It." If they hate Mundanes so much, why bother keeping them safe? Just create your own little country of Shadowhunters & let the Mundanes die. They are acting like they aren't humans, so maybe they are Angels.


The Expanse

Miller to the rescue! I can't believe they have guns that shoot bullets.

Is that really Julie in the bathroom, I thought she escaped from somewhere. Although, I would be very happy if she is dead. I hate the idea that he fell in love with her.

I liked that Eros station had trash on the ground because humans have been in space so long, it's nbd & nobody is keeping it clean. I really like that the Mormons are all Gung Ho about space travel & their angel spaceship. The talk about agoraphobic belters was interesting too.

I was surprised that Miller theatened Holden, because on Ceres Miller barely commanded any respect from anyone & did not seem tough at all. Maybe he was holding back because he was Star-Helix & now that he isn't, he can do whatever he wants.

How does nobody know about the CPS contacts that the spy is wearing? Is that super secret spy tech?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Reverse-Flash Returns

The Flash

Patty figured it out, they better fix those police reports before Joe's next partner figures it out too. I see why she made the false alarm phone call but now she can go be a Messenger knowing the truth.

What a great way to stop that truck. I never would have thought of that.

I really liked seeing Barry not be afraid or intimidated by Reverse-Flash. Wells did a terrible job of explaining remnant Reverse Flash. Not only was that diagram horrible, but they reminded of us of that incredibly bad, time paradox & then made it worse with another one when Cisco started to disappear. It made no sense that he would disapear before Eobard does. Plus they didn't even use Reverse-Flash's knowledge or powers to help in their fight against Zoom.

Wally West is so annoying, I'm glad Iris was like, 'umm me too, you little baby.' I did not like how everyone was being nice to Junkie West after what she did.

"Don't slurp."

They made a big mistake when Dr Wells asked Cisco if he had money for Big Belly Burger. How does Wells have money? None of them work. How do they pay their rent or buy food? Are they living off some Star Labs trust fund or something?

The Mortal Cup


I have not read these books or seen the movies. I like that they have actual swords & not daggers like Castiel uses. They called the lightsabers 'Seraph blades' so are these people angelic in origin? I liked their headquarters, it's like they are The Initiative.

I liked that Clary sort of lost it when she got home, that made sense. I'm not sure if Old Spice guy is evil or if he was protecting her.
The runes were a little strange. The mom used the magic wand to display her rune, but what does it do? Does each one give them a different power? Jace used his to become visible to the friendzoned guy by waving the wand over it.  I didn't expect him to find out about the Shadowhunters so soon.

I liked that the bad guy is living in Chernobyl, that was unexpected. I guess his magic protects him from radiation.

What is this Mortal Cup they want, I guess it's not The Holy Grail.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Strange Visitor From Another Planet


Such a good episode. They did a great job focusing on the family angle. Not just with Cat re-connecting with her son but also J'onn talking about his wife & daughters, & then at the end he tells Kara & Alex that any man would be proud to have them as daughters! Of course, then he tells her to stop hugging him.

How cool was it when the white Martian throws Supergirl & she recovers mid-air!

When he put the Kryptonite cuffs on her, I thought a white Martian had impersonated him, I just wished Hank had killed the white Martian. It's too bad the fight was at night. 

I'm glad that Winn is no longer in the friendzone, hopefully when he comes back he will have moved on & have his own girlfriend. When did Jimmy switch his watch from Superman to Supergirl? Does Clark know about this??

I'm glad that senator had a change of heart because National City should not be under the dome!!



I was not impressed with this episode, it's a cop procedural except Satan can get suspects to confess their secrets and is immortal but he isn't that evil and is actually doing good as a way to defy God. 

This Satan isn't as funny as the devil on Reaper & he isn't as evil as the one on Brimstone, he isn't charming either so the girls throwing themselves at him seemed unbelievable especially the way the single mom cop made him her partner and the way her ex husband, also a cop, didn't arrest Satan for insulting him. 

It wasn't that funny or interesting, unless they go with the angels forcing him to go back to hell. I think the only people who will like this are girls who find that actor attractive.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Unauthorized Magic

The Magicians

The American Hogwarts is a graduate school. It should have been a regular 4 year college because they behaved like high school kids with their cliques & Mean Girl behavior.

I really liked that there was an evil school & that the muggle girl was able to figure out how to cast spells. Not sure why cutting herself helped her remember.

I did not like the Lucy Pevensie character, she was being really annoying. She should have just explained to American Harry Potter what is going on.

At least he can do magic on his own without Draco-Hermione so that's good but he did it at the worst possible moment.

I'm curious how their diploma will work, is it magical? If you fax it to an employer, will it magically make them accept it as being accredited?

The last 5 minutes were really good: The suspense as everyone was suddenly immobilized & the American Voldemort was already pretty creepy with his butterfly-swarm-head but then he killed the Defense Against The Dark Arts professor & he even killed the Dumble-Dean. It was pretty shocking.

One More Notch

Second Chance

I liked how Mary took care of the fbi guy without letting him know her real reason for being involved.

There is barely any sci-fi technology in this show. That tv on your windshield seems insanely dangerous. I hope she's the only one who can skype while she drives.

Mary's brother is very jealous of the sheriff, I think the actor who plays the brother is just a bad actor & doesn't know how to convey family jealousy because it comes across as incestuous & this isn't Defiance.

So far the sheriff is basically going to be the same, I guess they will slowly redeem him as he spends more time with his family & sees how messed up they are. I did not like the granddaughter being so perceptive, that seemed forced.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow Part 1

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

In just 1 episode they introduced Rip Hunter, Vandal Savage's future and the Time Masters. Then they put the team together, broke it apart & then back together & started their 1st mission! There was a fight with Chronos & they killed somebody.

I know they've been working towards this for months in The Flash & Arrow but what a random team: Captain Cold, Heatwave, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Firestorm, White Canary & The Atom! Having Captain Cold Heatwave not be part of the Rogues means they are not following the comics anymore, which is great, because there is so much DC stuff I don't know.

I was surprised at the Star Wars jokes considering that's the other company. I did not like that Rip Hunter is wearing a long coat like Doctor Who. That iritated me to no end. Everyone else is in costume, he should be too. Although maybe they will be wearing time-appropriate disquises.

Gideon is the name of Eobard's wrist pc too!!

The best part was The Atom's speech. 

"I died once; At least, the world thought I did.
You know what happened? Nothing. All the money, all the buildings, all the inventions, the world didn't care.
My life, ultimately,didn't matter."


The Shannara Chronicles

This show is awesome!

Eretria is smart & fast. They didn't even have to explain anything to her because she's been living with a bunch of back-stabbing scheming Rovers. I'm glad they had her in chains, she can't be trusted yet. And now Amberle does not like her. Eretria had so many good lines.

"The struggle was mutual"

Awkward. At least Eretria finally asked for help in getting away from her clan. I'm glad Wil was not falling for that trick again. but then he did.

"Not calling you 'short tips' again."

I thought that was Eretria's dad. Looks like I misunderstood Rover society, she is just property.

So the psychic elf can save someone's life. That calls into question any prophecies. He should touch the blonde elf again to see her new death. I forgot Allanon is a mind-reader. Sorry Amberle's uncle, you are not King material. I'm glad they took some soldiers with them, I wonder how long until they are killed & it's only the trio.

Wait, Amberle gets a sword but Will doesn't? Isn't there a Sting somewhere he can use?

Not happy about the changeling. How is it alive? Didn't Allanon check? Or is that a different one?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Wanheda Part 1

The 100

I like that Clarke is in trouble because of the Ice Crew's dumb superstition.

Niylah: "No kill marks."
Clarke: "My back's not big enough."

Because Clarke is The Commander of Death!!

Even though I wish they had picked up right after last season I like when they were singing in the car, life isn't all doom & gloom & some people are trying to get fertile, thanks to the truce.

Jaha is straight-up wackadoodle. I can see how & why, but I really like that Theseus is not falling for it, & his 3 months in that prison living room was great, I think that's how most people would react.

Poor Jasper, they almost sliced open his neck because he is out of control. I'm surprised he hasn't just killed himself, or killed a bunch of grounders the way Finn did. I hope Jasper's death wish makes him into an assassin. I don't remember Maya playing piano, I'm just glad Jasper tackled that guy; This is The 100, not Glee.

Octavia was being such a spoiled brat, whining about Lincoln doing exactly what she's done, join a different crew. It's a good thing he's more mature than her. Raven was also being mean for no good reason.

Blood Debts


Yay Felicity is alive! I guess it's ok that they are turning her into Oracle but it looks like she's fine in the limo?

The two scenes of the women in the limos being more extreme than the men was bad, with Arrow it made sense, but it just made Dahrk look like a hen-pecked husband. How can we be scared of him now?

I also dislike how Darhk is so powerful that he can throw arrows at Green Arrow. They better figure out a way for Green Arrow to defeat him & not someone or something else. They found out about Dahrk's family for nothing. Now they are hidden again.

The Anarky guy was interesting, I'm not familiar with him. The card game was ok, be I really wanted Diggle to keep beating his brother, the brother gave up that info too fast for me.

I am not liking this 4 months later cemetery thing. isn't it enough that we always go 4 years into the past?

Friday, January 22, 2016

A View in The Dark

Agent Carter

This episode was ok. Howard Stark's car was funny & so was Jarvis with his judo.

I wish they weren't just tying into Agents of SHIELD. The Zero Matter looks like the stuff the obelisk would sometimes liquify into, except Zero Matter seems to always be liquid. Then the Isodyne ceo is part of Hydra with his little lapel pin with the old symbol that they used on that NASA mission. I get the thing thing with candle being turned off, is that about the sunless planet? Did the scientist get transported to the sunless planet?

Having Hydra infiltrate SHIELD is going to make Peggy look incompetent. This show should have it's own stories & it's bad guys that they actually defeat.

Sousa is ready to marry the nurse after a few months but he seems to still care about Peggy. Then Peggy was into Sousa but started falling for the scientist after just a few days. Sousa should follow through with his proposal if Peggy is that quick to move on.

Potential Energy

The Flash

What is Eobard doing there!!?

Well, it's a good thing he didn't tell Patty his secret identity. She was pressuring him to get serious but she was leaving anyway & she was planning that before they even got together.

Wally was being really annoying. He kept blaming Joe even though it was his junkie mom's fault. He is lucky that Joe is a good man & forgiving. (They showed Wally use the NOs but no gear shifting! Who directed this episode!?)

"How does everyone know about The Turtle?"

I liked how Cisco has a list of potential metas that he is investigating.
RIP Turtle. Earth-2 Wells is ruthless. Cisco makes the Zoom joke then things got real with Wells telling that Zoom story.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Teen Wolf

I really like that we see them in school, in class, actually studying & learning. After a while teen shows like The Vampire Diaries just stop showing them in class.

I figured that when Kira was slicing that monster & hurting herself the lesson was about self-control. But how was she supposed to defeat it? Was she supposed to restrain it somehow?

Stiles really needs a new jeep, that is really dangerous, driving out there in that hunk of junk. Yay for the road trip with male bonding. I'm glad Scott & Stiles got to talk without all the distractions & insanity.

So glad Malia did not kiss #mrtakeyourgirl & that she kept punching him. As long as they don't give Lydia a costume with wings, I am liking her learning how to focus her Banshee scream. Too bad skinwalkers ancient Kitsune is here so you better back off!

Oh no Deucalion!!

The Lady in The Lake

Agent Carter

The CEO froze the lady & the wife paid the detective to make it look like an old murder. The freezing is contagious but there's a delay.

Peggy Carter is a spy investigating a company run by a suspected murderer & she drinks a random liquid from some scientist. What kind of spy is she? He could have recognized that she didn't work at Isodyne & he could have been poisoning her. That scene was terrible. No sir, I don't like it.

Sousa has a girlfriend which explains why he didn't want her there. Isodyne has the portal substance from Agents of SHIELD. Dottie is back, but the FBI took her because it looks like they are getting rid of the Strategic Scientific Reserve.  Are they starting shield, I thought Peggy did that?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


The Expanse

Can Amos be more annoying, now he's being passive aggressive by doing what Naomi ordered him to do but not before he waited a few seconds. I was hoping Holden would shoot him or that the spy would take care of him.

"Naomi was right to be scared of you"

The pilot could not string a sentence together with those words? It was funny, but I'm surprised he didn't expose them.

"You're just caught up in The Churn, is all."

For a minute I didn't realize that the mom from Resurrection was Holden's mom. Because he has DNA that went in a blender that means he can own land on earth?

Dumb Miller, he really should have dated that woman or taken her with him. Now he's headed to that station, to meet up with the Rocinante, but I thought they said they weren't heading there. Now Earth Alliance is after them.

"I fell upwards to the level of my incompetence."

This is Your Brian on Drugs


This episode wasn't that funny, but it was still good though. We learned Ike's real name at the end with the title cards. I'm glad they told Brian to show the agents more respect.

Rebecca dumped Casey with a text message so he decides to take some NZT with his swat buddies who kept a few pills after they recovered the NZT from some drug thieves. The swat guys did some silly stuff, but then there's a murder & everything goes sideways.

Brian was super harsh with Boyle at the end but Boyle asked for it & Brian had a point. Shooting Casey while he was so close to Brian, with all that smoke was the wrong decision to make. They could have talked it through especially because Casey had not killed anyone.

I didn't catch that Brian's gasmask was for him smoking weed. They should have had Boyle mention that it smelled of weed to make that clear.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Childish Things


I'm glad toy-man was a real human unlike the JLU Toyman but how cool that he had a doll with his old costume! It was cool to see Anyanka on tv again.

I can't believe this Martian Manhunter completely wipes out people's memories & not specific memories. That was unexpected. Does he not have enough experience to know how to control it?

"They're yoga pants."

Lots of relationship stuff in this episode, not sure how they are going to proceed with Winn refusing to remain in the friendzone, they still have to work together & he does know her secret. 

Lucy Lane was being insane, 1 minute she wants Jimmy to encourage her to take the job, so she asks him "What do you want" because he's like "It's your career, I can't make that decision for you" then after she nags him to death & he says "I think you should take the job" she says "I'm not asking your permission." Make up your mind crazy lady.

Now Maxwell Lord knows her secret too! All because these women keep over-estimating themselves. Maxwell was right.

"Only a woman would say that."