Monday, July 31, 2017


Season 1 Episode 2

The tests in this one were really good, especially the dinner party with the 2 different explanations for what was happening. It really wasn't clear. The elimination test was good too. That dude was so dumb, he totally fell for it. I don't see why they trust each other, when they know that the cheating guy is there & the other dude who would normally beat them up.

I still don't understand why Ezequiel allows this unethical behavior. why would they want these kind of people in Elysium? They would just re-create the terrible conditions that they already live in.

I don't know why Aline kept resetting the cameras. It seems like Ezequiel is visiting someone in the slums, probably some girl that got eliminated from a trial & he is now sleeping with her.

Crusaders of the Lost Mark

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Season 5 Episode 18

The Cutie Mark Crusaders finally got their cutie marks!!

I could have sworn there was an early episode where the crusaders were each good at something, I guess the show decided to go a different direction. I like the idea that they are going to help other ponies get their marks.

Diamond Tiara was really rude to her mom, should this cartoon be showing this bad behavior? Even if it is when Diamond Tiara realizes she's been behaving badly?

Do all Ponies magically float with all that light when they get their cutie marks?

Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Dark Reflection

Season 2 Episode 17

I'm so glad Simon isn't going to let himself be friendzoned by Maya. He was able to date Clary but it took him having to turn into a vampire in order for him to escape the friendzone.

What is up with the incest on this show!? 1st we had Clary & Jace falling for each other, then they found out they were brother & sister, but it turns out they weren't so it was ok for them to admit they had feelings for each other even when they thought they were related. Now we have Clary's real brother & when she finishes her speech about how maybe her brother isn't so bad, he starts making out with her! He knows she's his sister, but he did it anyway! Wait until she finds out, I guess he'll blame the demon blood? because they are evil incestuous demons?

Magnus was annoying, he's supposed to be ancient but he ended up acting like Felicity in this episode. 

Glastnost Schmaznost

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 8

I like that this episode had a lot of characters in it. Vizar & Kayo & the Primus Guard were keeping an eye on Skeletor. Karatti & Lizorr were in the Quagmi Swamp. Butthead or BH as they call him, was the fake assassin. It sucks that all these characters weren't used more.

"With peace on his lips & a sword on his back."

I like the way Skeletor decided to use political diplomacy to get onto Primus. He even let himself get shot in the chest at the Galactic Council so that he could pretend he was protecting Mara. It was a pretty devious plan that worked. The Galactic Council fell for it, even QQQ. It showed how Skeletor is a little crazy but he's not dumb. It's too that it didn't last, thanks to Slushhead, Nordor's Minister of Peace, letting it slip.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Last Day on Earth

People of Earth
Season 1, Episode 7

Poor Gerry, he was ready to be abducted but thanks to Don going out on his date with Kelly, they missed the abduction, but at least Gerry got to bang that fat girl, Yvonne. Which I hope they never show again. They both need to always keep their shirts on. I don't want to see that again.

I like the flashbacks to the lizard guy having had abducted Ozzie as a child & caring about him. Now I feel bad that Ozzie is so mean to him. Jonathan just sacrificed his career as an alien invader to save Ozzie's life. Hopefully he'll make Ozzie see some of this.

It's funny when they try to put SJW crap in a show & it backfires. They had Jonathan say "I'm a good looking white guy from Harvard" I hope it  gave every non-white male, low self-esteem & insecurity as a result. 

The Hullen Have Eyes

Season 3 Episode 3

I like that they are still doing RAC stuff, because that's what this show used to be about.

I knew they would eventually explain what happened to D'avin & the ship, I didn't think it would happen so soon. The old-timey town as they put it, was interesting but I'm surprised their holo-teacher was so primitive, when we've seen the holo-messages Johnnie & Dutch send each other & they look way better.

It's too bad Aneela didn't kill Kendry. I've never liked her. So I liked when that dude made her clean up the bloody mess that she made when she told Aneela that Kylen was dead.

Zeph is annoying but she was right to go away & come back to rescue them. Where is Eric Sadler??

Right, like some girl who had her eyelids sewed shut for years, is going to be able to see with no problems, by just cutting the stitches off.

Friday, July 28, 2017


Season 2 Episode 6

This was a good episode but the Saint of Killers turned out to have the lamest back story ever. We saw him in hell re-living his family dying & them being eaten by birds so that wasn't new. What was new is that he lost his soul & he was a soulless killing machine randomly killing people before he ended up in hell. they even used the comics to tell us his story & it was just really boring. It would have been better if he went around killing doctors or religious people. Some animal man indiscriminately killing people just isn't scary.

That was a good twist when the Saint of Killers reminded the preacher that he would be sending his own soul to hell. It was only 1% but that might be enough so that when the preacher dies, he would go to hell 100%. Of course, if he doesn't redeem himself soon, the preacher may end up going to hell anyway. He has done a lot of evil in his life.

Welcome to the Revolution

Dark Matter
Season 3 Episode 3

I like that they mentioned the league of non-aligned worlds.

What the hell, just like that, 6 decides to stay on that colony? Have we even heard of this corporation before? That didn't make any sense. They should have let that girl be in charge of their revolution. I guess she was too weak to lead, she couldn't even stop that angry beardo guy from attacking the corporate security guys. I did like how 6 just shot that guy. He was acting so powerless earlier.

Then they replaced 6 with the new handler & his bodyguard. Hopefully they will stick around awhile. because it sucks that they got rid of the new crew from last season. At least they mentioned the old crew of the Raza, which explains how they had their bad reputation so hopefully they will show up. 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Just The Two Of Us

Season 3 Episode 7

It was a good episode with all the puzzles & her dealing with her feelings for Cameron. It didn't make any sense that Kirsten & Cameron were in the lab all alone. There is no way that everyone would be cleared out that way & as soon as I saw the puzzle piece, I knew she had stitched into an autistic guy's brain. 

I also like that she mentioned that they treated her as if she was autistic when she was a kid. I liked that they reminded us of her old temporal displasia & how it would affect something like playing basketball. The peeping tom thing was a little weird especially the way Cameron reacted to it.

I really like how they brought back all those old victims.

Gag or Throttle

Orphan Black
Season 5 Episode 7

This season is turning out to be terrible. It's like the last season of Grimm. They wasted episodes trying to explore individual clones which could have been good but they introduced so much stupidity like PT Westmoreland, the island, the village & the mutant, just to have to do away with all of it. As if that's not bad enough, they are ramping up the feminist crap. Again they whined about something being done to a generation of women. Where the hell do they think that eggs come from? Besides, Virigina asked Mark for his ejaculate, so it's equal, but feminists have to whine about being victims.

Somehow the village is still there with people, even though the last episode ended with the villagers rioting & wanting to kill Percial. They are also making all the clones go against who they are as people. Allison returned with a purple pixiecut & a stupid tattoo. A woman her age should not have those things, and she threw away her crafting supplies to play the keyboard? it was really stupid.

Then Rachel decided to let Kira go for no reason, yes she isn't property anymore, but she's still a clone. She isn't that naive & that they showed her that way, was infuriating.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword... Or Is It?

The New Adventures of He-man
Season 1 Episode 7

He-Man needs to make up his mind. In the other episodes, he was flirting & always concerned with Drissi but in this one he was jealous of that painter & Mara.

"The pursuit of dreams is best done on a full stomach."

The paint monsters was an interesting idea but it's too bad that they seemed to have forgotten that dragons are real. He said it was out of a fairy tale.

We got to see Tuskador, Spinwit & Artilla in this episode. And some bunny guy, Captain Tibber who, maybe is related to Plundor? 

It Doesn't Have To Be Like This

Dark Matter
Season 3 Episode 2

It's a good thing they mentioned the travel clones, because I was wondering how 4 got to the space station so fast. I like that they are mixing Star Trek-type stories with their corporate crime stories. They blinked into basically a static warp bubble. That psycho scientist girl killed that dude, he was right though. I'm glad that 3 shot that girl scientist. Enjoy your honorable death that nobody will know about & that accomplished nothing, moron.

They made it seem like 5 was going to get amnesia but it seems like the android was successful in only erasing her old memories.

4 found out that Misaki killed Nix, he was not happy about that but at least android knows that he did not order her death. Not that it matters, everyone seemed to gloss over the fact that he did make the space station explode & killed thousands.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Skinner, Darkly

Season 3 Episode 2

So I guess we are done with Clara & the hackmods story. It's so weird, they revealed that Ollie was actually Clara with a different face & a chip that blocked her memory. So it seemed like they replaced Irisa with a new actress but then he just left her in hackmod city & went back to lucy. what was the point?

"If ships could cry, I would have rusted"

I don't know why they made a big deal about the girl nerd, when they had Eric Sadler there. Then all 3 nerds were made part of the team, even though the fat one barfed. At the end Johnny showed up, so do they even need those 3?

I was not happy to see that they brought back Delle

Being Better Is So Much Harder

Dark Matter 
Season 3 Episode 1

"The secret ingredient is Basil....and love. But mostly basil."

I can't believe Ryo Ishida blew up the space station. I am curious what corporate war is going to look like or if The Raze will be framed for it.

Stupid 2 was like "Don't make her a damsel," even though that is exactly what 5 is because Commander Truffault had to save her. Why do they bother with sjw dialogue, it always backfires.
At least 2 tried to save 6, but then because every show has to have a lesbian, they decided she would fantasize about Nyx, which just came out of nowhere. What a dumb scene.

They made enemies with Ferrous Corp so that should be interesting. Then 2 said that they are going to steal back the blink drive and kill 4! It's too bad that the crew keeps getting smaller.

Monday, July 24, 2017


Season 2 Episode 5

More evidence that Tulip sucks & Jesse is a naive white knight. She lied about being on the pill & her job, while he was bartending & trying to start a family with her. Wait until he finds out that she banged the vampire.

It's too bad that they put Cassidy in such a difficult position. He really is trying to be a friend to the preacher, but Tulip makes it almost impossible.

The Saint of Killers is really stupid. He's not scary at all. He just runs around killing everyone, what is the point of even asking if people know where the preacher is, he kills them anyway, even when they tell the truth that they don't know where he is. He's such a stupid character.


Season 3 Episode 1

Wow, they have a real team now. The bartender, the monk, the killjoy with a boomerang that shoots people? I guess that's cheaper to cgi than a drone.

I have to admit that I forgot a lot about last season & need to re-watch this episode. Especially the parts about the RAC & the Hullen. They started to explain more about their universe & other killjoys & other planetary systems, which is good, but if it's too big it might dredge up more questions & start messing up the past two season. Of course, it could be like Firefly & the quad is on the outskirts so that's why it's been left alone.

Where is Clare? Did she leave the show & that's why we have this new cyborg girl? It was pretty dumb that they were forcing Johnny to get a hack & then he says "my body, my choice" when he literally had no choice but to alter his body.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Mist

The Mist
Season 1 Episode 1

This episode had so much terrible cringe in it. It's the 1st & last episode I watch.

Unlike the movie, they start with insects & animal acting weird because of the mist so it was pretty gross to see the roaches crawling on people. It also seems more graphic with the way some of the people were mutilated.

The hypocritical mother who teaches kids how to have sex, but doesn't prepare her own daughter for parties is amazing. She also gets fired, addecting the whole family, even though she was warned about teaching sex ed, but the mangina father lets the daughter go to a party & the wife decides they need to get separated. 

But the worst part of this show was all the SJW crap that they managed to put in the 1st episode. The Gay Best Friend, soRrY, pAnSexUaL, decides to tell us how oppressive & evil white men are. Why didn't he use his male privilege to not get beat up by the football guy? Hopefully he'll be eaten by roaches.

First Day of Rule

Elena of Avalor
Season 1 Episode 1

This episode started out with some insane story that took place over the course of 40 years that they rushed through, like it was a "previously on" segment. I checked online I should have watched "Elena and the Secret of Avalor" before this episode. It's really bizarre that the show starts like this.

It turned out to be pretty good with her realizing that she isn't ready to be queen & needs to slow down. She established an advisory council to take advice from her grandparents & a regular citizen. She also has an animal spirit to help her because she's magic.

Hopefully they will explain more, like they did with the purple dogs, who turned out to be Noblins, because they just have winged jaguars like nbd.

I hope they have songs that are in a bunch of different Latin styles.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

New Colossus

The OA
Season 1 Episode 2

So she really is Russian, it isn't some weird fantasy story she was telling them. She was adopted by the old couple from her aunt's house after there was no more money for her school for the blind. So that's good.

I like that the kids started searching to see if she was telling the truth. What was the deal with that coke head kid?

Ugh, Prairy had a chance to call her parents & didn't. What a dab decision.

Oh no! Lucius Malfoy abducted Nina. That ending was messed up. How horrible. I think I heard 2 voices down there. The question is, are they working with Lucius Malfoy or are they prisoners too? How did she escape & get her sight back?

Significant Other

People Of Earth
Season 1 Episode 6

That was funny when Don is like why are you killing the alien invaders? Hah, stupid Jeff. It was pretty funny that he couldn't reach the printer toner.

Eww, that old lady was having a threesome. So gross.

It's a good thing that Ozzie didn't tell his mom, that would have been a terrible way to do it. Telling someone in group was a good idea but they should have picked the most normal person there to go 1st. Which i guess would be Yvonne? I like that Kelly & Chelsea are going to stop fighting over Don, it was getting old.

The invasion is in 4 weeks! 

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Gremlin and the Fixer

Season 3 Episode 6

The 1st rule of video game fight club is that they don't actually fight. That was the only dumb part, when the tie wearing guy punched Cameron. I would think they would kick you out after that.

That was really stupid that they called in the ME to do computer work when they were in a building filled with computer geniuses. There was a way better way to have the stupid ME show up in that episode.

At least now they know how IVY is a big fat liar. The good part was when Maggie told her we don't do lawyers. Hah, Kirsten, Zelda was all into your man. You better get over it soon.

How did that space company not have contacts with the government.


People of Earth 
Season 1 Episode 5

Of course Kelly doesn't actually want a nice guy who listens to her. You need to figure out american women Don.

Chelsea better not cheat on her husband. I would like it better if she is just friends with Father Doug. 

That android is terrible at her job.