Thursday, June 30, 2016

Shaking the Tree


I like Trip Hammer's super-team. Zora & the cyborg, sparring was pretty cool. Those Hack girls were ugly.

Crazy Diamond just outed Heavy on tv, Lynx took away his badge & gun & Deena's. It's like they forgot that they need to follow orders.

Supershock is nuts. He was calling Retro Girl 2, but Retro Girl 1's real name. Maybe he shouldn't be wearing his costume. Did he kill Cobalt Knight or did Heavy do that.

As much as I hate fat Wesley Crusher, I liked seeing him as a loser who dances with a hologram. I doubt he hired Heavy to sell more action figures.

A Time To Be Born


The virus mutated & now symptoms show up just before you die. Thanks Thomas!

On the plus side, krazy Katie is going to die. She was a terrible mother & an unsympathetic girlfriend. How hard is it to remember "4 to 6 feet."

Suzy lied to Dennis about her pregnancy, no surprise there. At least she won't be able to squeeze child-support out of him. I bet they are going to make the black dad die too.

I was really hoping that the bad guy in Nantucket was the husband, not Dr. Lommer. She could be protecting her husband or could throw him under the bus at the press conference. If she is evil, it would be really awesome if she just throws Lex in the cordon to die & everyone dies at the end, except her. That would be so dark & awesome.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pretending to See the Future


I'm really annoyed that Truss got the drop on Finnerman & that he was able to defeat Dylan. He is such a hypocrite, he refuses to kill alien terrorists but somehow mr. religious is ok with killing his human boss. She should have killed him when he was alone, not when his family was around.

I like how they combined a bunch of rockets to make their big spaceship.

I'm shocked that Abby was telling the truth. bro #4 should have just told Jackson the truth. He seems to be losing it, I don't see how cutting your arm open proves loyalty. Datak Tar cut his entire arm off to show his loyalty & that turned out to be part of a double-cross.

So not only does Hunter blood create deaf-gas when set aflame, when injected it makes humans deteriorate. That stupid McCarthy killed the kid's dad for no good reason. He's really not that good of a villain, I'm not sure how he's going to help.


12 Monkeys

Another great episode.

Ramse & some people tried to pull a coup & I like that he actually talked to Cole & tried to resolve things but then when they had their standoff, Cassie attacked him! Then that doctor that helped them last time got shot. Then old Jennifer got shot.

It was pretty cool to see Jennifer talk to Jennifer. I really like that they went into the past to get 2016 Jennifer to replace 2044 Jennifer & this time young Jennifer is going to take Ramse to the Witness instead of like last time 2044 happened!! because obviously old Jennifer went back to 2016 so she could get old! Crazy!

"Let's go save the wo-" *vomits*

My favorite part was where Cassie changed her mind & she didn't even have to tell Ramse, she just gave him that look & he stopped the car so she could join Cole in 1957. Now they have to change things because the time storm killed Dr. Jones!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

South Will Rise Again


This episode was better because there wasn't any stupid Ennis humor.

Tulip continues to be annoying. The vampire told her that her ex-boyfriend isn't who she thinks he is anymore but she doesn't listen. The Preacher tells her that he's changed, that he's good now & he gives her a sincere speech about it. He almost gets through to her, she almost starts to realize that he's changed but then she decides to have sex with the vampire to make the Preacher jealous. I really hope he doesn't care when she tells him.

The angels told the Preacher that it's not the word of god that's giving him the power to control people but something evil. Maybe the evil side effects happen when he doesn't tell people to stop like he did with the guy in the bathroom with the gun.

I'm curious how shooting those people "serves god." maybe we'll get an explanation next week. I'm not sure what the point is of Ratwater in the old west & that guy trying to get medicine.


The Last Ship

That fight between Wolf & the MSS guy was awesome. I guess they have been watching Daredevil. I can't wait for those two to have a re-match.

"I was the other guy"

Sasha had some nerve to question Captain Chandler on the deck in front of everyone. I feel like he should have chewed her out in front of everyone, but talking to her outside worked too. That way he can still date her later on.

I didn't think Jesse  was mocking them when she picked up the cherry soda, that meal would make me sign up. But I would have done what the older Burk suggested. I don't think Captain Chandler was wrong when he explained why he demoted that Burk. That seemed like good advice to me.

I am curious if navy guys really can navigate using the stars & measuring the sun.

Monday, June 27, 2016

I Walk the Line

Wynonna Earp

I liked how peacemaker was glowing blue when she killed Willa & how they let Deputy Haught in on the Black Badge stuff. But there was so much that made no sense. They didn't explain why peacemaker didn't work before & how Bobo was telekinetic or what makes Dolls a monster.

The one thing they did do was kill Bobo, which was good. If Wynonna wants to break the curse she needs to kill all the revenants. She should have had a counter somewhere. Obviously there are plenty of other things she can kill like the monster & whatever caused Black Badge to crater that other town.

I guess they assumed there would be a 2nd season because, unlike Limitless, they decided to end on a bunch of cliffhangers. The show sometimes seemed to get better but then it would revert back to campy nonsense. Considering the terrible ratings, they really should have figured out a way to end the 1st season stories instead of introducing so many new things.

That JC guy & a tentacle monster showed up & Bobo revealed that Waverly is not an Earp. Then she got infected with that black oil & shot Wynonna & Doc. They put too much stuff into this last episode to force a 2nd season instead of finishing some of these stories.

Scratch That Glitch

Second Chance

Someone leaked the news about Mary's cancer so Lockinglass stock started falling, then someone started targeting her for murder.

I liked when she showed the sheriff a long list of people who have sent her death threats & was not scared because she's smart enough to know that most death threats are not credible.

I like that the son still had his dad's badge & was giving it to him. He's slowly starting to accept him as his dad. I just hope they do more of that & less of the COTW. They seem to have backed away from having the daughter be an alcoholic mess.

I don't like the idea of his genes still mutating. The holo-car didn't look that good, but the room with picture walls reminded me of the tv room in Fahrenheit 451.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sins of the Father

Sleepy Hollow

The map showed a lot of demons heading to Sleepy Hollow all at once but then The Hidden One said he can only summon them, one at a time. So that didn't make sense.

The Ghoul was a better monster than that gargoyle. The scarab was interesting but I would think once he gave the scarab to the ghoul, it wouldn't obey him anymore.

Is Abbie a shadowhunter now? The symbol she kept drawing looks like an upside down shadowhunter symbol.

The father stuff was really boring. Last episode Jennie called him a deadbeat but he joined the military so their mom would have healthcare. It doesn't make any sense, other than to try to make him look bad.

Stealing Fire


Another good episode. This show makes me realize how terrible Agents of SHIELD is.

FBI Special Agent Schlag picked up a slab of building & Diamond was alive but Chaotic Chic was crushed & the only thing left is her arm.

Number 6 stole this episode, she did such a good job. She was crushed not once but twice by Diamond. What a jerk. He totally betrayed her when she was Lynx & now when she's FBI Special Agent Angela Lange.

She got her revenge though & took over the Powers Division. Not sure how that works but that'll show him.

A gravity bad guy who was working for the government, they are in big trouble. The only bad part was seeing fat Wesley Crusher at the end, hopefully he won't be in too many episodes, it's bad enough he is in Dark Matter.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sun and Moon


Geof Mathews is so gross. I don't even know if he had sex with Araluen or if he was just rubbing himself on her hairy back but it was gross. I could understand if she had fur like an animal & it grew evenly all over her but it isn't. I'm still not sure why she didn't snap his neck. At least he's not cheating on anyone unlike stupid Waruu.

I'm glad the daughter called him on his cheating, what sucks is that the wife already knows. Why is she putting up with him? for the daughter's sake? I don't know why she even came to the reporter's aid when the mohawk hairy was going to beat her.

I thought Koen was going to heal the girl he was banging but it looks like all he did was put a blue hole in her torso. Maybe she shouldn't have cheated on her boyfriend with Koen.

They barely showed the weird animal creature that is killing old people, you would think this would be a bigger concern for everyone including Koen. He heard the dead girl in his head, he can see the future & his finger grew back so it's stupid that he's now acting like being the Cleverman is a fairytale.

A Kingdom Divided Amongst Itself


I hoped we would have a bottle episode of mostly Lommers & Lex in the container coming to a better understanding of each other. She even turned into Bane.

"It was his compassion that killed him."

"The enemies I fight, Lex don't give a rat's ass about humanity. A virus doesn't care about politics or race or emotion."

But Lex was still being self-righteous & idealistic.

"Next time, you say that on day one."

Except she told him & everyone "the very fact that I am here should make you worried" She also told everyone that the virus was 100% lethal & highly contagious. It's like he didn't listen to anything she said. He hasn't learned anything during this entire crisis.

Thanks to NSA Nancy, we found out that Sabine's husband is the one responsible for the virus & was working with the hospital Doctor. At least that stupid National Guard guy learned that Lommers was right.

Katie is such a terrible mother, she has neglected her son during this whole ordeal & now she might die because she went & pulled that bleeding girl out of the car. They should have had less Jake & Katie playing guitar & more Katie protecting her son, it might have made her more likable.

Sooz, is upset about being pregnant. Are we supposed to care about her? She is banging a married man, she obviously isn't ethical, she can just get an abortion & move on with her life.

Friday, June 24, 2016

All Alone Now


This show is just boring, it's not scary or interesting. 

For a show on Cinemax, I expected more gruesome things but they barely show anything just some black vomit. The dialogue wasn't that good either.

They totally wasted J.R. Bourne in this episode. The only good part was when he put his hand on Blake's mouth & kept repeating to shut up, but then Luke didn't follow through. It was really stupid & frustrating to watch.

Kyle's blood hurts the possessed but this one wasn't hurt & wanted more, it also didn't help his mom last episode. It doesn't make any sense.

Is Kyle an Outcast angel & can hurt demons who possess people? Is he an Outcast demon who hurts evil angels? Kyle doesn't care, neither does the pastor & neither do I. I also don't care about watching Data shave.

I can't believe people buy these non-superhero comics. I think this will get cancelled just like Damien did.

Rising Sun

The Last Ship

They blew up that ship from the sky! It was awesome!
For a second there I thought they might shoot at each other because they were in a Chinese helicopter. I like that they don't have a super complicated flare system like The Survey Corp.

Ugh, not impressed with Jessie or her flirting with the Wolf, especially her punching Sasha. The show was trying too hard to make them seem tough. I can't believe they store their stolen helicopter in a Chernobyl site, how do they not both have cancer?

I'm really hoping Valkrie is still alive & will show up in a few episodes.

Those dudes are going to regret kidnapping the crew of the Nathan James. Why were they draining the blood? Do they think that the blood is better than the blue cure?

Thursday, June 23, 2016



This was a pretty good episode.

The blond broke the Hunter language. But most of those Hunters turned out to be harmless families.
"They do like their New Wave."

Finnerman does not play around, I like how she took over the operation & had Truss removed from the office. I can't believe she ordered everyone to be killed even Allison. I'm surprised Allison saved Flynn's life.

I don't trust Abby at all. Is the purge really them leaving earth? I know Zephram Cochrane made a ICBM go into space with a warp drive but is that what the Hunters did? How did the ETU not know that Hunter blood is flammable & produces a hearing impeding gas? Didn't they dissect the Hunters & conduct experiments?


12 Monkeys

They had a good misdirect when they created the CIA report in 1961 that they read in 2044, but then Dr. Leike really was working for the 12 monkeys. I need to re-watch some of these episodes because I'm a little confused about the Aryan super woman that he created.

I like how the FBI agent let slip that he met with Cole a bunch of times before 1961. At least Ramse got a piece of that weird time map with the location for Titan.

Even though they got closer to the Witness, Cole was not happy that they drugged & lied to him. I didn't think he would have them both arrested. I guess he has had enough. 

Ramse & Cassie think that killing The Witness in the past would stop everything but they aren't thinking clearly, he could have that thing were time changes may no affect him in the future or time might keep him alive the way it kept Dr. Jones alive.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Whopper


Bacon Cheese Brain Burger!

This episode was so funny.

Clive finally mentioned to Ravi how Liv's personality changes.

"I'm more scared of Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet than Kylo Ren."

People are starting to figure out how they are all connected!

Blaine knows the chaos killer is really Major,while the FBI thinks that Blaine is the chaos killer but now the FBI saw Major with Blaine & Mr. Boss sent Liv's boyfriend Drake to kill that guy who killed the Utopium dealers. Major knows that Liv knows about Blaine's new job.

"After 50 years of praying, here you are. You missed it all. The Zombie Apocalypse, the Rapture, the Ginger Rapture, the Great Floods of '28 and '44.... Quick! We've got to get you out of here before Dr. Zaius catches us! You see, winter is coming!"

Hell Night


This show is way better than Agents of SHIELD, they do not skimp on the Powers.

I'm glad that RetroGirl 2 changed her mind about working together with Zora. I think Zora should have said something about not wanting RetroGirl 2 to end up like her.

I didn't think we'd see SuperShock in costume, but there he was. It's too bad he had those fake abs built into it. I hope he updates it the next time he shows up, he obviously chose not to get in shape for the role. It was pretty cool seeing the 3 of them all together.

I didn't even consider that Retrogirl's costume & likeness could be trademarked. That weird hat guy doing the Singing in The Rain dance was getting pretty close to being campy. Hopefully he'll tone it down in future episodes.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Monster Swamp


There was some dumb Garth Ennis nonsense in this episode. 

Rorschach urinated in some guy's briefcase. I'm sure some dumb comic book fans thought that was funny when they read it, but that stupidity does not translate to tv. It was a really stupid scene. So was the apathy of the paintball guys & the whores when they found the dead whore. That kind of unrealistic reaction stretches the suspension of disbelief.

I was wondering how the preacher was going to get Rorschach to change his mind, I'm not sure why he was so important, but the command "to serve god" is really vague & I'm curious how that's going to backfire.

I didn't understand the single mom at all. It sure sounded like she friendzoned that guy but then she had sex with him. I can't imagine any man complaining about that arrangement.

Ii know she's a main character but Ii really wanted all those paintball guys to beat the hell out of Ttulip. If it wasn't Cassidy she would have killed a man for no good reason.

I can't imagine this show will be renewed, so I think I will finish the season.


House of Memories

Wynonna Earp

Did the Peacemaker not work for Wynonna because Willa is around? That doesn't even make sense. Willa has been alive this entire time so the gun should never have worked for Wynonna if that's the case. Will fell for Bobo in a tree house until the Stone Witch freed her & then the other guy had her in the cult. The writers have no idea what they are doing anymore.

Dolls does not know how to choose dresses. Willa looked terrible & Waverly looked boring.

The guy torturing Doc Holiday I guess wasn't a Revenant? So a Revenant can cross over the ghost river triangle if the heir goes willingly, which it sounded like they said would break the curse.

I am so glad next week is the season finale, this show has gone nowhere, it should be cancelled.

Monday, June 20, 2016

A Free Ranger


The Hairies are supposed to be stronger & older than humans & The Cleverman is supposed to be a superhero but this show has not shown either of these things & it's been 3 episodes now. This show really needs to start showing some kind of action or something because this is turning into a boring version of The Aliens.

Not sure how Waruu got into the secret prison but why on earth did he kill that guard? What an idiot, he has it all on video. he had time to call his wife but didn't, I hope she figures out that he's sleeping with that reporter.

Araluen is now some Hairy Hooker. Gross, I can't believe anyone would want to bang some hairy woman. An alien or a robot, sure, but a hairy woman? No way.

I'm glad the sister called out Latani, it's his fault their little sister was shot. They were outnumbered & surrounded by armed men, it was stupid that he didn't do what the dad said. They are still alive & were able to escape.

Koen should have just told her that he saw her death. What is up with that girl, is she really the soul of that fat lady in the young girl's body?

Second Death


This show is not scary. It's boring, the only good part was the woman who answered his phone call.

"I don't have to check. There's no one here by that name."

He at least started complaining about god but I have friends who are way harsher about religion than him. It would help if he had been religious & had strayed because of all the bad things that have happened around him. Instead he's someone who never thought about religion until now.

This show would have been better if it started with him in college the first season & changed his major into law or politics. He's a photo journalist, how is he going to be the anti-christ & get people to follow him? It makes no sense. 

His nerd partner asking to be put in the friendzone. That was the lamest thing, hitting on the grieving sister at the wake.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Scott Effect

The Last Ship

No, Dr. Scott is really dead! That sucks. Why? Arrrgh.

Valkyrie better not be dead too, she better be wearing a parachute or land in the water or something.

How did that lieutenant not send a coded message to the Captain to warn him. At least Captain Chandler knew to stay behind to help rescure the Nathan James. He really should be an admiral now.

"I don't know if they're afraid of you; I'm certainly not."

I can't believe he poked the elephant at that dinner table in front of everyone, he is out of control! That crazy new money with Dr. Scott on it. Were chinese scientists mutating the virus?