Tuesday, July 31, 2018

There in the Disappearing Light

The Originals
Season 5 Episode 10

It sucks that Hope just used magic to kill all the vampires all at once. It would have been better if she was more violent & started killing them 1 at a time, using the magic to fight them. It's too bad she didn't kill Roman, either.

They killed Josh, but then they showed him in some afterlife. Which doesn't make sense because they seemed to have ignored everything about the afterlife that the Vampire Diaries had already established. None of it made any sense, neither did the Ancestral Well. Whatever happened to "Expression" & the words that Bonnie used to say like "Motus" now the witches just lift up their arm.

Does it really count as Hope killing that priest? I would say his death was an accident. Maybe Hope being a werewolf will cure the Hollow, because they revealed that the Hollow created werewolves as a curse so it should cancel itself out.

Puzzle Man

Season 3 Episode 2

The Raps just abandoned Los Angeles? They aren't even protecting the wall, how bizarre.

Dumb Broussard spent all that time putting together those shredded papers for nothing, because it is already happening in a different colony.

I'm surprised they revealed all that stuff at the beginning with Governor General Helena Goldwyn at Global Authority headquarters. The rapts invaded Earth to get a workforce for the factory in their war. The other aliens just cratered the moon, so much for that idea.

So these rebels are fighting among themselves? Ugh. Stupid. Not looking forward to this story.

Monday, July 30, 2018

The Tornadoes of Zil

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 54

I like that we got another Skeletor vs He-Man fight with them using their weapons. It was pretty good.

I like how Mara keeps questioning Prince Adam about how him & He-Man are never in the same room. I liked the weird vulture drones Spinwit was fighting.

That mini Terrotread was interesting, I wonder if they were going to make that into a toy. I'm surprised they gave Spinwit an entire episode instead of doing 1 of the other Galactic Guardians. They gave Sagitar an episode too. Those are guardians that we've seen a good amount of.

Bee Kind

People of Earth
Season 2 Episode 7

This episode was pretty funny. 

The aliens were so scared of that bee. How do they hope to conquer Earth if they can't deal with bees.

So it's Don's fault that Agent foster is an orphan.

I can't believe Father Doug is just Doug now. Chelsea must be really good in bed.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Different Modes of Preparing Fruit

Archer: Danger Island
Season 9 Episode 3

Finally a funny episode.

Not much happened, but that's when this show is funniest. Them bickering with each other & throwing insults. Poor Luigi! How does he stay in business.

I really like the chinchiladas flashback. How ridiculous & gross.

I liked the Catch-22 joke, I guess Sterling is slowly starting to wake up, if he's aware some things don't make sense in his island dream.

We Have Not Long to Love

The Originals
Season 5 Episode 9

This was a good episode. 

I love that The Hollow gets quiet when Hope is violent & that Niklaus is the perfect father for her! The spin-off should be the two of them roaming the earth killing 
Mickaelson enemies! How awesome would that be.

Emmett warned Vincent. It's great that they killed Ivy because I didn't think they would, but I wish they had killed Keelin instead.

I can't believe they fell for astral projection, can't Vincent feel that? Didn't the werewolves smell that the vampires weren't there??

Saturday, July 28, 2018

White House Down

Season 2 Episode 5

It was a pretty good episode despite the way Tanz memorized the blueprints for the White House. That was ridiculous. So Alisia is basically the head of Re/Syst because everytime she goes up there, she's the only one. I doubt they would take over the building & not have someone in charge there.

So are they going to pursue the rail gun or the solar sail? The solar sail could get punctured by micro-asteroids.

How is former Vice-President Monroe that dumb to think that they didn't make a copy of the video? Grace could have just plugged it in to any White House PC & sent an email that would go through once the internet turned on, they didn't even need Tanz, but whatever, the point is, it was broadcast all over the world.


Season 3 Episode 1

6 months! Is that Guantlet even useful? Wouldn't they change all their codes & stuff. And the rebels have kept an alien captive for 6 months? No way! What do they eat? People? 

At least they had 6 months living as a family, hunting & fishing, with the aliens keeping people in walled cities, wildlife should be doing really well.

They introduced that the aliens have enemies, it's almost like Falling Skies, except that show went off the rails near the end. These aliens are way more powerful, Snyder was right, the humans are like cavemen. 

Another drone letting Will live. I don't think it was part of the undercover op. There is some other reason that the drones are letting him live & climb over those walls. 

Friday, July 27, 2018

Fallen World

The Expanse
Season 3 Episode 11

These Martian soldiers are so incredibly stupid. Not only are they blaming Holden for the lt. dying, because he was so stupid as to throw a grenade in that little room, but they are also scoffing at the ships going to the Behemoth so all the injured can heal. I didn't know that a cuts wouldn't heal in zero G, that's nuts. Spin the drum like Babylon 5! Every time they show the inside, I expect a Vorlon to fly up & rescue Captain Sheridan from falling!

How is everyone able to get on the Rocinante?? It's a military vessel, you would think there would be security on there, but maybe all ships have a manual override, for rescue attempts.

I like how Amos barely reacted when she called him family. It was a little lame that Tily was able to stay alive to warn about Clarissa but Anna showing up on the Rocinante was a contrived. I was hoping that Naomi would die.

How inanely big is ringspace that it would take months for them to leave under the new speed limit.

Battles Lost and Won

Season 3 Episode 23

The beginning was really good. We finally got to see the superheroes get out there & be heroic. After the Man of Steel, they know to be careful with the super fights, so they were only protecting National City, but it was still awesome.

I didn't expect the Legion to return, so that was cool. I seriously thought that Reign killed Mon-El & Alura. I was totally shocked that they were doing that, but it made sense if they did. I was a little annoyed that Supergirl went back in time, because that is not how time travel works. This isn't Travelers where only your consciousness goes back. There would have been 2 Supergirl's in that room, not 1 in Siberia. I guess they are doing Red Daughter because they aren't subtle at all.

I like that Mon-El was back & they got their closure or whatever, but it's better that he's gone. Supergirl & Kara are great, but Saturn Girl is beautiful, I would not pick Supergirl. I'm so glad that Alex realized that she was being selfish for wanting to be a mom while she risked her life all the time. Winn is leaving the show?? What? That was so strange & sudden. Does the actor want to sing again or something? Is Martian Manhunter gone from the show too? It's like they are trying to get rid of the men on the show.

I knew Lena would make more Kryptonite, please tell me she is going to become evil! That would be so awesome because they made such a point for 3 seasons that she's a good Luthor & for her to turn evil because of Supergirl's actions would be amazing!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Kindness of Strangers

The Originals
Season 5 Episode 8

They were trapped in a Chambre de Chasse but really, it was a bottle episode! At 1st I was annoyed that Klaus didn't read the letters, just burned them. But then he read the real ones. I like how Kol made it all sound so simple. Grow the hell up & start your own family. Sure he can't have kids, but he can have a wife & sire people or adopt. Meanwhile these other guys are just stuck, not growing as people.

It's too bad they don't let Rebecca go angry & kill a bunch of people, that would be great.

Hope did it! She took back her power! It really shouldn't be such a big deal. The Hollow was such a boring bad guy last season. They should just be a normal family & deal with the vampire Nazis.

Balance of Power

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 53

Oh no, I got to the Mytes & Gleanon episode. 

Sure it was good to see sexy Crita without any of the other mutants, but these guys are like the Twiggets & Trollans. Stupid cutesy characters, I guess because kids didn't like the dumb scientists.

I like how Mara reminded them all of her past adventures, I'm surprised they didn't mention the girl power episode. They did mention Spinwit, which was weird. I don't know why they went back to stupid Flipshot & Hydron at this point instead of doing Kayo, Nocturna & Vizar.

So the mutants use Transium ore, do the Galactic Guardians also?

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Disheartening Situation

Archer: Danger Island
Season 9 Episode 1

Only 2 episodes & I'm already annoyed. This one wasn't that funny either. I didn't care about last season's revenge theme or this season's adventure theme. I want to laugh. They should focus on jokes more than stupid Indiana Jones.

Plus why is Archer only banging Cheryl? So far that's what he's done in both of these dream seasons.
It's a coma dream, where are all of his exe's? And why did Pam punch him? Just not funny.


Season 2 Episode 4

What is wrong with Liam? He turned into a millennial child working with Resist. This show is so non-liberal! Even though Alycia told him things aren't black & white he just kept saying that it is. If that's the case then he should not have left Resist in the 1st place & he should have supported the government fighting off the coup. Man, was he annoying. Jillian dumping him was really abrupt though, but I can see it when he called her an apologist. Man he turned into a sjw.

I knew that helicopter was going to get blown out of the sky. That was nuts. And what is Grace talking about. So they shut down the internet, so what. Go to a tv station & have it broadcast over the airways or on cable. That stuff should still work without the internet, it worked before the internet even existed.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Dandelion Sky

The Expanse
Season 3 Episode 10

I can't believe that the MCRN are that stupid that they would insist on arresting Holden during a damn 1st contact situation! And that moron pulled out a grenade after watching his bullets stop in mid-air. What kind of an idiot is he? He deserved to be pulled apart & dissected.

Good job Anna, she ignored that guy & then he shot himself. All she had to do was say 'stand next to me, you're not alone.' Then after she fails him, she tells people to be gentle with each other. She gave a good speech, it's too bad it came from a hypocrite.

I'm pretty sure I saw multiple rings opening into other parts of the universe before it shot that laser into the sun turning it blue??

Make it Reign

Season 3 Episode 22

Stupid Coville, what did he think would happen? Did he not read those texts carefully enough or was the terraforming not in there? Why do they have to terraform any way? The Earth's environment is hospitable for Kryptoninans. That didn't make any sense.

I thought they would be nerfing Martian Manhunter by having him do The Reach with Mantis but it looks like he's going to help out against the the Krptonian hags while Supergirl takes on Reign. Lois Lane will take on Selena & Mon-El will fight the 3rd one. There better be a good fight next episode with so many super-powered aliens. They would totally destroy National City though. They almost destroyed L-Corp taking down Reign & that fight only lasted minutes.

The Juru & fountain stuff was dumb. I especially hated when Allura said "according to the lore" which is what they say on Supernatural all the time & I hate that it's spread to other tv shows. That forcefield was also dumb.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Danger Island: Strange Pilot

Archer: Danger Island
Season 9 Episode 1

What a weird 1st episode, it's like he started to wake up but stayed in the coma, because you could hear the other people talking while he was in the room after having banged Cheryl.

This episode wasn't that funny. The parrot Crackers was funny, but that's about it. Hopefully they don't over do it with the plot this season. I don't really care about the princess & what she's up to with the German guy.

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Season 1 Episode 3

This episode wasn't that good. Paul had an abusive father, I'm sure either Mara or Alexis will be revealed to be a lesbian in a few episodes. These 2 things are now-standard tv show cliches. It's sickening.

It's dumb that the program makes weird unrealistic things that it thinks you need. If Nate paid for an escapist VR adventure where he's robbing banks, an evil road warrior mutant who tortures him is not part of it & he should sue them for that. That didn't make any sense.

The ending was a little shocking that Mara was in a reverie. Either that or she is really starting to lose it.

Sunday, July 22, 2018


Season 1 Episode 7

I like that they killed Dev. It was pretty shocking but that friendzoned beta deserved to die. What is the point of kicking all the patrons out of the bar, don't they have a back room. so stupid.

How is Daron-Vex dumb enough to not notice that Nyssa was barely reacting to him. Doesn't he know these holograms exist? And more importantly, why haven't we seen these holograms until this episode? It could have been used in other episodes. Another dumb part of this show.

Why would Daron-Vex even want to serve Brainiac, why would he agree to be ruled by another tyrant?

I've always hated the Kryptonian religion, and I was annoyed that they were using it on this show, but when Brainiac turned the voice of Rao into some burning evolved creature, I had to admit that they were using it really well. The problem is that we've seen that they sort of have media & television but they use it inconsistently.


The Expanse
Season 3 Episode 9

What is going on? So there's an extra-dimensional bubble that destroyed the probe. Amos just threw the documentary people out of the Rocinante into bubble space. Didn't the MCRN ship pick them up & talk to them? 

Hopper is insane to send The Behemoth into the ring. Why didn't the Mormons get their ship back? Isn't there a solar system court? They paid for it. So many questions, like did they Seriously ret-con Naomi into a lesbian? Is that from the books? Because that came out of nowhere.

The saboteur is Julie Mao's sister? What the hell is she doing. That priest was right, although, really? In the future priest's can have sons.

I can't believe that Holden jumped away from the Rocinante into the center of the bubble, he's not even tethered or using a jet pack or anything.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Crimes and Punishment

Season 2 Episode 3

I'm glad that Grace stopped being guilty about shooting Claire. She was a traitor. That song & dance sequence was so strange.

I didn't think they would go to the supreme court, that was pretty good. I don't know how much of that was accurate but it was pretty good the way the old Vice President vp is using the courts & the internet to manipulate the country.

Oh great, a lesbian but Alycia's not just a lesbian, she some polyamourous bisexual. but not just that, she's also a cheater because she doesn't care about them, she just wants to bang Liam. So good job, progressive writer you just made those people look like selfish sluts. Is this show secretly conservative??

Not Kansas

Season 3 Episode 21

I was really annoyed that the fight with Reign ended so suddenly. I was getting mad as the show abruptly moved to Supergirl's goodbye parties & her going to Argo city. As much as I like seeing Lois Lane again. I didn't care about any of it. They made such a big deal about Reign all season & her being a World Killer but then suddenly she was subdued & absolved of her murders. Sam killed people & they acted like it was no big deal. The bad guy needs to be a bad guy, not redeemed just because she's a girl.

I like that they finally did something with Tess. That took forever.

Then they did that insane anti-gun storyline where J'ohnn got rid of guns at a division of the FBI?? Are they kidding? That is the stupidest thing they have come up with. At least they had Lena be pro-gun, she used it for self-defense. 2nd amendment rights are women's rights. Of course immediately Jimmy tried to belittle Lena instead of listening to her. Lena can't walk around with a shield, how stupid is he.

I was really not interested in Mon-El & Supergirl being romantic again on Argo city. Luckily Selena stole Manhunter's space car & rebuilt the evil fortress of solitude & re-activated Reign.

Friday, July 20, 2018

God's Gonna Trouble the Water

The Originals
Season 5 Episode 7

This episode was pretty boring, because it was mostly about Haley's funeral. I like how Klaus showed up, snapped Elijah's neck & bit Antoinette, like it was nothing. He really doesn't care. I don't think he killed the vampire supremacists. I liked that Klaus got a chance to talk to his daughter & she listened. That was a good scene. 

This new prophecy of them being together & killing all the 1st born seems really biblical & it's kind of dumb because The Hollow was created by Native Americans, not in BC times. Elijah getting his memories back will be good, he's going to be super guilty about it. I like that Marcel & Vincent were like no, we aren't curing you until we get Elijah back.