Thursday, December 31, 2015

Blood and Fear

Sleepy Hollow

I like that Ichabod defeated the evil this time without Abbie's help. I also like the historical society girl. When are they going to bring Betsey Ross into the present?

I guess Pandora thought that The Ripper killed Ichabod when she gave her little speech about being alone & didn't realize that Ichabod was just sick from the disease & not exsanguinated. She is trying to make her weird tree grow roses, but I'm not sure what is making them grow. Is it when the Witnesses defeat an evil?

Abbie & her boss are not interesting, Jenny & the sheriff's son are super-boring. The "nice guy is really evil" story was annoying. The Witchblade turning into a permanent long sword made no sense because somehow nobody saw his long sword in broad daylight. I guess if they made it capable of retracting they would get sued.

Blood Relations

South of Hell

This show sucks.

It was a horrendous finale to a bad tv show. I can't believe they had the audacity to charge money for this episode. Most of the episode time was used up by those stupid fake A&O commercials. The name makes no sense, god is Alpha & Omega, not the devil.

Enos betrays Abigail so Maria releases her from the mirror. Abigail eats the demon that was in her brother after they pull him out of the orgy room at the retreat. I found out tht the drug dealer's girlfriend's name is Diversity, really? It looked like they set up a story for a possible 2nd season by having Diversity & Sweetmouth get possessed by demons.

Somehow The Priest's 30 minutes lasted from daylight to sundown so he was there for the big showdown with Enos. The big showdown turned out to be just a family dinner with them saying mean things to each other. After the Priest died the 3 siblings defeated their parents & they all left the island.

They got back to the trailer park & Maria opens the door to the nice guy's trailer only to see that she's still trapped on that light up table! The whole episode was a hallucination that Enos put in her head.

Are they kidding?! What kind of stupid ending was that? Even if there were a 2nd season, they couldn't come up with a better resolution than the one they just showed us. And now that there isn't, the show didn't even have the courtesy of having a satisfying ending to a 1st season.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Whispers in the Dark

Sleepy Hollow

Pandora is the bad guy but why is she sending evil things to them. I think Ichabod said it was the start of the 2nd tribulation?

Not happy about the Sheriff's son, who was like 'waaah, I want to know what my dad did.' A Normal son would be really resentful that he was ignored by his dad in favor of two adopted kids, he would not want anything to do with Jenny. He's a marine but he was knocked out by some guy with a spear? They got rid of Hawley for this guy?

Now they each have their own "love interest," it's like the show refuses to give viewers what they want.

Ichabod's secret was really lame. He hesitated, that's it? That's the only thing he's kept from people? or is that the only secret he is ashamed of?

At least Ichabod was able to figure out & defeat the Dementor.

Take Life Now

South of Hell

This show sucks, I probably should have stopped watching it after that stalker episode but I kept thinking it might get better, usually shows take a few episodes to get going. Not this one. I'm too far in now to quit.  I can't believe the WE channel expected people to pay money for the next episode.

The brother was possessed & I thought they might have more incest but instead Abigail just betrayed Maria. At least it didn't have the witch in it.

They all go to a retreat but somehow get separated. Enos kills the Priest which could have been shocking but instead it was boring & then the devil brought him back to life for 30 minutes. It turns out the nice guy neighbor was a plant by her dad. That wasn't a shock either, because the nice guy didn't really do anything. Grace the angel did nothing.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I, Witness

Sleepy Hollow

In only 9 months Abbie is already a special agent with her own big office? Is that even possible? I'm glad they put the Headless Horseman in Pandora's box. Is she a good guy trying to put all the evil back in the box? That would be cool.

With Abbie now being FBI, this show is getting closer to resembling Supernatural. Those red demons were interesting. So glad they got rid of that blonde guy.

"Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes."

Betsy Ross was a spy! Pretty cool. And she had a thing with Ichabod?

Another show where they kill C. Thomas Howell, he should not take any more FBI roles.



I always forget that Juliette is Hispanic & a veterinarian. And now she's a Hexenbiest! What the what! I hope it's temporary, I did not see that coming.

I thought that cop was going to be dead, I didn't expect him to be part of the purity people. Grimm is going to have to behead a cop! I was really hoping they went on their honeymoon.

The Chupacabra is really Wesen rabies? That was weird. Diego's wife didn't seem very scared of the Grimm, she should have been. Come on Wu, why did he run away? I can see getting drunk, but it looks like he will be in on it.

This was a good one, the story is really moving along.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Sympathy for the Devil, Beasts of Burden, Start Me Up

Saving Hope

This show has strayed from it's original premise: "Lois Lane loves Daniel Jackson:  the man who can see spirits."

In season 3, it switched to her "sowing her wild oats" & now in season 4, he has been seeing the same exact spirit for 3 episodes. There used to be a different spirit each episode, sometimes two spirits in one episode but now, 3 episodes of the same dumb spirit.

The spirit is boring & the show has become a generic hospital soap opera, so I'm going to stop watching.

South of the Border

South of Hell

The junkie had sex with his half-sister! I did not see that coming.

Their version of purgatory was interesting. But that guy's fat wife being at the counter & then being able to walk around didn't make any sense. I'm surprised that an Angel who killed herself would still be in Purgatory but I guess Enos stopped her from going to hell?

Now there's a demon & angel who are going to take Enos down. But the show hasn't really done enough to make him seem scary or powerful enough to warrant such a team-up.

It was a Dexter reunion with Detective Doakes showing up to escort Grace out of purgatory. Will he have a scene with LaGuerta next episode? Or will there be more inter-racial incest with an angel?

Sunday, December 27, 2015

When Darkness Falls


This was such a strange out-of-continuity stand-alone episode, it felt like some kind of dream episode where they all wanted to yell, "Cameron you're in a coma, wake up"! Like Stitcherception. So weird. Does ABC Family (Freeform) force all their shows to make Halloween episodes?

The evil twin explains how it seemed like he was talking to Kirsten, but he was really talking to his brother. So he started stalking her because she was snooping around his house? I guess because she wasn't as respectful as Cameron was. I liked her super hero name Deadstare.

I did not like the new intro; Since when is her Temporal Dysplasia like Deja Vu? She described it as each thing having always been that way. Like, if someone died, to her they've been dead for centuries.

The One That Got Away

South of Hell

No fighting in this one, but at least it was a demon episode & we found out that Grace is an angel. Will she be a violent angel like on Dominion & Supernatural?

This episode's demon was a Lilin. They still haven't explained the eye colors but now we know there are different types of demons. They should have had 7 types.

It would be nice if they fought but instead Abigail ripped the demon out of the lady's vagina & then ate it.

Once again Dexter-lady was useless & the rich girl was being dumb & the drug dealer's girl was annoying.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Wookiee Hunt

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Chewbacca!!! So cool seeing him with Ahsoka. I thought they were going to keep him away from Anakin, the way they do with General Grievous.

I liked the way Ahsoka & the younglings kept using the force to push & pull things, so much good fighting scenes even without their lightsabers! Lots of dead Trandoshans by the end of this episode. 

My favorite was the scene when their large ship started slowly spinning out of control & crashed.

White Noise

South of Hell

Just when I thought they were introducing a new big bad, Abigail ate her up! I'm so glad the Society of Sons is disbanded & taken care of, after only 2 episodes.

Luckily the episode has a good fight scene with Abigail taking out that Flashpoint Martha Wayne looking woman. Abigail was flying & jumping around the church/theater better than Jessica jumps.

"You should see the other guy."

The witch woman chopping the sausages was really dumb & didn't really add at all to the Junkie taking care of mr. khakis. The rich guy's daughter did not behave like a normal person the way she was ok with the junkie brother bringing over some strange girl.

Friday, December 25, 2015

The Hurt Stalker


Brains on a log!

I didn't realize that Vaughn's daughter was going by Glinda with Liv & going by Rita with Major: Zombie Hunter. It seems he's killed 5 bad zombies & froze 3 good zombies.

Super Max Rager made Vaughn really angry & strong, that is not good. They are going to end up making "28 Days Later" zombies with that stuff.

"It appears that Regina took NWA's biggest hit literally."

That other Detective was so ready to throw Babineaux in jail.

"If this case were any easier I'd have slept with it in college"

Clive cooks Cajun food & not only reads the Game of Thrones books, he dressed up as Kal Drogo! I wish I knew what Ravi said in Dothraki.

"Who's the bitch using your shower?"

lol, badge bunnies & Tinkerbell said 'bibbity bobbity boo.'

Liv totally turned into overly attached girlfriend with that brain, I can't believe she texted Glinda/Rita! A bunch of crazy murderous stalker girls on this episode.

The Grimm Who Stole Christmas


Christmas goblins! They love fruitcake but hate Christmas decorations! 1st Krampus & now these guys!

Fruitcake, really is better than it's reputation.

Kallikantzaroi is Greek. There is so much mythology from different cultures all over the planet, it's so cool that they are researching & using all this stuff.

"I don't want my mom to kill your mom."

Rosalee did not look scary in her fox-form. Trubel is gone, maybe she can turn Josh into a Grimm, although based on that eye stuff, it seems to be genetic & he'll never be a Grimm. Maybe they'll come back. Monroe & his super Christmas house. I wonder if the set people like decorating that house or hate it?

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Abra Cadaver


Brain Bacon Potato Stew

So funny how super-serious Clive is next to Ravi & Liv & when they mispronounced Clive's name.

"This is the best brain ever; I almost want to start killing magicians so it never ends"

I felt bad for Ravi's girlfriend. He only broke up with her because Peyton is around. He's going to regret it because she's going to date Blaine.

"'Kind of seeing', women love when you use qualifiers like that"

They showed the dog again, ugh. Major: Zombie Kidnapper is going to get caught because of that dog.

"Help me Zombie-Wan Kenobi"

It was pretty obvious that the fake Penn & Teller was not a man, I just didn't expect her to be the maid. It was a pretty complicated case but watching Liv Moore, MindFreak, do the reveal was pretty funny.

"This Hare Krishna handed me a pamphlet about Karma I've been meaning to check it out."

Who was that black lady at the end?

"Twttter, a vast collection of humanity's impetuous thought-vomittings"

Highway of Tears



Original Grimm is back, too bad he didn't decapitate anyone, but he is beating people up again. He is much better to watch than Trubel.

Those little metal Tung Lashors were not action figures but pretty close. I wish they had explained more about why those things were burried near all 3 abduction sites. Do real Kimono dragons bury stuff?

Josh was pretty funny. It was good watching real Adalind & Wesley catch each other up on what's going on. Like when they mentioned that Grim-mom brought Adalind to Nick's house for safety.
Adalin-iette seemed to get into the role playing. I'm glad their pains were temporary from the spell working. I also liked the witch's sorting hat. House Ravenclaw!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Max Wager


Brain clams.

I sure thought that Liv & Major slept together when they came downstairs all happy & smiles. Why did the writers decide to make it so they can't be together? I don't see how it makes the show any better. There is already a lot of drama. They've already kissed & he was given the cure, can you even re-zombiefy someone?

That bad guy was really bad in the barber shop, I'm surprised Liv didn't ask who he was. I liked that Peyton was not backing down from Mr 'make it look like a suicide.' I can't believe they took a bet from Liv knowing that she's with the police, did she win the basketball money?

So Major Zombie Killer is really just Major Zombie Cryogenicist? I guess it makes sense, by freezing them until there is more cure, they don't need to eat brains & it lowers the demand for brains so there are less murders but I thought Blaine wasn't killing people anymore. Now the FBI is closing in on him. and he kidnapped Blaine's dad! I did not see that coming.

Cry Luison


What on earth is wrong with Adalind, she's a Hexenbeist, doesn't she realize that she is in a magic torture device & that those things aren't real?

That is going to be so awkward when Nick has sex with Juliette who is going to look like Adalind.

I like that they brought in a new type of wolf. They've had stuff from other countries, I hope they do more like that. The 4 brothers helping turn that wife crazy was a little hard to believe. Do they live in the garage?

That bunny guy was funny, especially because the guy trubel went to scare was also a bunny. I'm surprised she actually cut him.

I'm surprised the Wessen purity people burned a symbol on Monroe's lawn. That's very public, which I think would be a bad idea, considering that their very existence is supposed to be a secret.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Love & Basketball


Brain Omelet Crepe!

I liked hearing Blaine sing The Cure! It was great that Liv gave Major all those pep talks & got him to coach kids; That was great, Like Ravi, I did not understand anything she was saying.

"We'll just be standing here wondering why we named a rat: "bird."

How awesome was Babineaux when he checked the blinds & found the blood. That was really good detective work.

We found out giving a zombie, more tainted Utopium kills them. So that's something they could use instead of Major, because now he's lying to the Gilda & she's not dumb; but now she knows he was kissing Liv & she is not happy about that.

"You wanna dance, you gotta pay the band."

Dyin' on a Prayer


This was a good episode & they made progress on Nick becoming a Grimm again.

I sort of like that they didn't see the Wesen, but how are they going to explain all the deaths?? What kind of Wesen was the step-dad? Some ogre or something? The Golem was a little different from the Golem on Supernatural & She-Ra's Melog but pretty cool looking. It looked a little like Clayface. 

What is this, action figure week? I thought the kid had the Rancor monster from Jabba's pit but it seemed to be a generic monster toy they made for this episode. Plus someone from Kindred: The Embraced, lol!

I think those wall faces were just magic walls that reflect your emotions. At 1st Adalind is like "my baby" so they were all "I know where your baby is" & then she got frustrated that they didn't answer so they started crying. I'm not sure why she was freaking out.

Those mask guys turned out to Wessen purists. I forgot those guys existed, I'm glad they didn't forget. & Renard's mom likes messing with Monroe, that was good too.

Monday, December 21, 2015

AKA Smile

Jessica Jones

Night Nurse! Thanks, but no, don't call your friend.

The voice over at the end was pretty funny considering she told Purple Man that you don't even out all the bad you've done by doing good. & yet, she's trying to do exactly what he suggested when he said:

"Do the moral math. How many more lives would I have to save to get back to zero?"

and she replied:

"Saving someone doesn't mean unkilling someone else."

I was waiting for someone to remember that earplugs exist. I guess that blatant product placement was more important.

Is IGH short for Inhuman Growth Hormone? Did Jessica get her powers when she went to Tahiti? (It's a magical place)

Even though she's dumb, I liked the show. She's basically a 1-note character so I have no idea what they would do in another season. 

I See You

South of Hell

This episode was terrible.

The brother is suddenly not a junkie, but then he gets injected with some drug. It didn't make sense that the priest wanted to go to Maria's old house (did this show hack into the Jessica Jones writer's PC?).

Abigail is gaining more control over Maria so she makes out with the bartender. He goes to her house & Abigail threatens to kill him. Maria went to get him arrested, which I thought was for his own safety but then she asks for a restraining order. She falsely accused him of stalking her, even though he went to her house once.

Then out of nowhere they turn him into an actual stalker with a gun. Her neighbor shoots the bartender & they burn his body! It was so stupid.

They show should stick with demons, instead of this nonsense filler episode that didn't advance the big plot & explained nothing. Just awful.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

AKA Take a Bloody Number

Jessica Jones

Her fight with Power Man was pretty good, it's too bad it happened in the dark. But Purple Man got away. How is she going to find him now?

That was good how he increased his power. She did not expect that, she should stop watching Buffy.

"Bye Rueben. I hope they have free express shipping in heaven."

I had to laugh when they showed Luke Cage with his shirt off, as if he was supposed to be sexy, but he looked pregnant. I know he works at a bar, but lay off the beers, buddy.

Purple Man ordered Power Man to "take a bloody number" & he didn't. Stupid writers. Purple Man just told us that he has to be careful how he talks to people because they will do what he says literally.

I can't believe Jessica checked for a pulse when that guy had gardening scissors sticking out of his head, how dumb is she? She should give people ear plugs or have him meet her at a school for the deaf, duh.

The girls on this show don't seem to be able to explain things to anyone. Jessica tells the police to leave? If that worked, criminals would be doing that all the time. Explain to the cop what's going on, dummy. Only 1 episode left.

Judge and Fury

South of Hell

It looked like Abigail ripped an arm out of the boy to eat, which was weird considering, the boy's demon was a swarm of flies. I was hoping to see her eat a swarm of flies, it would have been way more gross. Their fight didn't last long enough, but it was still good.

They really did not deal with that abusive judge very well. I don't expect Abigail to kill him, he's human, but Maria should have talked the mother into leaving him. That mother is just as responsible for that little boy being abused as the Judge is.

Her brother is getting really annoying & so is that rich girl. Junkies are the worst characters. Maria's conversation with Abigail in the hallway seemed really awkward & not as good as the last episode.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

AKA I've Got the Blues

Jessica Jones

The flashbacks were interesting & I liked how the stupid crazy neighbor girl told the junkie to kill himself. He really should.

That was a pretty good fight between the cop & Jessica & Hellcat. Even though they turned the cop into a bad guy, he's not wrong. Jessica keeps getting in the way & Hellcat is blinded by her friendship.

If she were a good pi, she could have had the cop find surveillance footage of where Purple Man went. She just assumed he would have killed his dad right away, which was a dumb assumption; of course he's going to torture his dad. Then she had to use Trish to get into the morgue. She's just terrible at being a PI & a hero.

Luke is back, that doesn't make things easier because he's not immune; Purple Man could just use Power Man to kill Not-Diamond.

Last Fight


Monroe with Renard's mom was really funny. I like watching her freak him out.

Trubel fights dirty. That was not boxing. I'm surprised that horse-woman didn't lose it.

The bulls aren't violent but somehow mom found a way to overcome that little problem.

Yes, Nick needs to get his powers back.

What was the FB-Owl talking about? The resistance? Is there another group of people who fight Wessen? (I don't think she's an owl.)