Monday, September 3, 2018

Wig Out

Luke Cage
Season 2 Episode 3

This episode sucked. 

Can Claire be any more annoying? She wasn't listening to him at all. She just wouldn't stop nagging him. She went to see his father, even though he told her to stay out of it. Then of course, she's the victim. "I don't want to be around anger" um, ok. That’s why you started banging an ex-con, because they are the most calm people on the planet, whatever. I hope she leaves the show.

That bar fight was stupid. she's complaining that she's a cripple & gets flipped by Colleen, then an hour later she's able to fight 3 men who are bigger & stronger than her? That was incredibly stupid. She should have lost that fight & then the next episode trained to accept her new body, instead she was able to win a bar fight. Just girl power fantasy.

Right, whore Bobbie was a Jamaican plant the whole time, whatever.

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