Friday, September 7, 2018

On and On

Luke Cage
Season 2 Episode 7

Cyborg arm! Misty is kicking butt, and yes she's the sidekick. "I say! It's my show" that's right, power man. Put that girl in her place.

Omg, his father is the worst. He told him to keep piranha there & the father just lets him leave. Power man should have punched him. This father is so uneven he doesn't make any sense. Just terrible writing.

Shades shot his gay prison lover. And a police captain, i don't know how power man is going to take care of anything now; all the cops are going to swoop in on that club.

More terrible writing, that fire scene was so stupid. Bushmaster lets Tilda free but she doesn't go in the kitchen to get a knife to free her mom? She doesn't drag the chair out of the house? Some kid tells Power Man there's a fire & Power Man, what? Teleports? Jumps really high & fast like the hulk? Does he run? Give me a break, and there's barely a fire. And Power Man is faster than the fire department? And Mariah wants to hire him? They pulled away from Heroes for Hire, because it was such an awful idea, but they are pushing it on this show instead of yellow & instead of his real name, it's so stupid.

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