Sunday, September 16, 2018

Bones to Pick

The Outpost
Season 1 Episode 5

This show is pretty surprising. They aren't doing anything you would expect in a show like this. Of course it means that they are going to need other things to deal with once they burn through these storylines. Luckily they still have the Plaguelings, Greyskins, Calypsum & the Prime Order once they deal with Talon & her vengeance story arc. Hopefully they keep it going. 

They killed the old man that I thought was going to be her mentor. Nope, he's dead. Now the marshal knows she's a black blood. He & Garrett saw the demon. What a mess. And it turns out that she's the royal princess! And the Captain let his own daughter be murdered by the Prime Order to protect her!? Jesus Christ, and that's why the wife killed herself. That is some messed up stuff. 

This show is coming up with some interesting stuff. Of course the marshal did kill that servant girl. Oops. 

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