Sunday, September 2, 2018

Straighten It Out

Season 2 Episode 2

Of course Bushmaster walks into tilde’s spice shop, seriously. Buffy, Grimm & now Luke cage, the last place i expected to see a mystical spice shop.

So he's using voodoo to be bulletproof? Dumb.

Where is Misty's arm!? If rand doesn't get her one based on stark tech, he could get one from Wakanda using Winter Soldier tech, or from SHIELD because Deathlok exists, so what are they waiting for!?

I’m really getting sick of Claire going on about the dad. & I’m not happy with this dad storyline. It’s not interesting at all. That barbershop guy had the best advice, which of course she didn't listen to: be his woman, not his mother. His relationship with his dad isn't like hers & even after Luke spelled it all out for her, she still refused to listen.

Luke needs to either join the Avengers, sign the Sokovia accords are pull a Savage Dragon & become a cop, because Ramos was released & probably would have been released anyway.

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