Tuesday, September 4, 2018

I Get Physical

Luke Cage
Season 2 Episode 4

That kid was funny when he said he got knocked out by Shabba Ranks!

Bushmaster knocked down Luke cage, & he felt bad that people were all excited about it. That’s how people are; a lot of them want to see others fail. It seemed like he was drugged with some gas, bushmaster said something like that.

Omg, I really hope he sleeps with Tilda & Claire is gone, so sick of her character, put her on some other show.
Robot arm!! I thought it might be connected to some other marvel thing, but instead it's going to be made by Rand co!! Yes! Stop waiting & give her her own show! And put her in a red leather jacket at least. Power Man's yellow lined hoodie is stupid. God, wear a yellow hoodie at least.

The rest of this episode was pretty boring. So glad I have close captioning for this Jamaica talk.

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